Secrets of fighting schizophrenia: Physical Fitness

I exercise intensely every day.
I show good results, but it takes me hours to recover after that.
There is a HUGE difference in my fitness between trained and untrained.
I count on being able to continue exercising every day.

What I recommend to you is to exercise every day, preferably intense aerobic exercise.
It is great, it will help you cope with your symptoms.


Hi @Chess24 I would like to exercise intensively, but I don’t know how to do this.


I totally agree with you, @Chess24. Fitness makes a big difference in sz/sza symptoms. And that is backed up by research. I know anecdotally that it works. It works for me. And all I do is yoga and play my digital piano everyday.


Omg, intense exercise is better than 2 xanax at taking the edge off. You release happy endorphins. Plus, it’s healthy! 7 days is too much though…gotta take at least one rest day or becomes self destructive. Had fun kicking ass on some cardio today. My heart tolerated some intense tempo workout😎. Man feels good to have hobbies!


Yeah I’m all for it as well. I’ve noticed a big difference just getting a little bit fitter but doing exercise everyday is the way to go! I think you get great benefits for your mental health!

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All you need to learn now is meditation too?

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I’ve never understood meditating. You just sit there silently doing nothing without thought. I do that all the time. But there is a meditation. More like automatic writing but you esentially think something out through writing.

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I feel like excersise would battle my health delusions or fears

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I exercise 3 days a week. I usually sprint a mile first and get my heart-rate up super high and then lift weights for a little bit. I workout for about 30 - 40 minutes but I’m usually breathing hard throughout the time.

I remember before I relapsed I was working a job working 12 hour shifts and was walking a lot and I had just quit taking my medications and even then me walking that much kept the symptoms away to the point where it went into remission so exercise definitely helps.

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Just sitting and surfing or watching TV all day will turn anyone BrainDead.


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