Not really getting these "new studies" suggesting exersice being good for mental health

I thought everyone already knew about exercise?

Anyway, i was lifting heavier than usually during both my relapses

Everyone knows exercise is good for you, it has never done ■■■■ for my schizophrenia though. Really, those studies are a waste of research money.

I haven’t tried working out to see if it helps my MI. I want to workout for the health benefits though. I am just so damn tired.

I’m sza. I have a yoga and a piano practice. These are my forms of exercise and I do them everyday. Doing them seems to help with my sza symptoms. I also meditate and pray every day. This also seems to help.

My son had paranoid sz. He lifted heavy, 300 lb. weights and squatted them everyday. Plus scads of other aerobic exercises everyday. He stayed very, very psychotic and depressed. He committed suicide, all the while doing all of these exercises every day. He did not, unfortunately, have a prayer practice. He also did not meditate.

So, it’s up in the air whether exercise does sz/sza any good.

Doing cardio helps tremendously with my mood. I cannot see it really helping with psychotic symptoms, though.

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exercise makes me feel good, but not significantly.
I’ve only started exercising within past few months though.