Do you exercise much?

I’ve recently started running. I’m so impressed I’m able to run. Tobacco has made it all much harder and even affected my coordination, or the sz. But I am powering on for now and i think it is having mental benefit,

I hope to lose weight or turn what’s there into muscle mass. Pretty exciting time for me because of this.

When I left the psychiatric hospital, I was unable to move much at all. And I was just completely uncoordinated - it’s been two years now.

I don’t even need to use stimulants most of the time, I am able to get on with it. Which I think is a remarkable level of recovery

Fitness is achievable for everyone with sz I think, as long as the positive symptoms are controlled - the negative ones you just have to keep fighting I feel.

So anyway, how about you?


We had a gym in mental hospital and I exercised there when I was in mental hospital.

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Daily walking, Tai Chi every second day with some modifications.


Not anymore. But I used to before I got sick. I was very active and healthy. I even rode my bmx bike 10 miles each day in high school. Now, I just sit on my ass all day. Smoke and have copious amounts of caffeine.

I think if I took better care of myself and exercised, I would feel 5-10x better. I tried it but it’s short lived.

We had that too, but I was too weak and uncoordinated to run much at all, I only ever walked on the treadmill.

But ever since I started running I’ve even managed to do some sprinting. I’m actually amazed.

Antipsychotics beat up your body quite a lot,


They say 30 minutes a week is all we need to maintain the odds of favourable health.

Tai chi sounds interesting. I don’t have any underlying health conditions as far as I am aware of. I’m thinking of taking up boxing. I watched a fight yesterday and it looked like fun.


145 min of walking today! It just feels good.


Good on your mrsquirrel, I agree a lot. Light and breezy is what it feels to me atm. Something pleasant about it


Good luck with getting back to it. I took time as well. Like I say. Two years of inactivity, in which time my cholesterol levels have rocketed to what is normal for someone in his fifties or sixties, I’m in my mid 20s…

I thought I had a silent heart attack. That was the stimulus to getting around to the short runs I do.


Yes and it’s made a big difference in my life. I wish I started when I was 29 and not at 46 but I’m glad I did. Today I have jogged for 3km’s and just got back from a 10km bike ride. Exercise is so good for your mental health I’m sure.


I try to practice yoga for at least 25 to 40 minutes, 4 to 5 times a week. I do pretty good at it. It was keeping me flexible, strong and pain free for years and years. But everyone tells me I have aged over the last 3 weeks, what with the sudden eviction notice and the unexpected restraining order since then.

The following signs of aging have shown up in me in the last 3 weeks: my hair is whiter than before, (people tell me); every joint in my body aches with pain, I have a harder time moving now due to joint pain.

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When it’s open, I use the gym swimming pool and swim 600m 4x a week.

As well as this, I do a physically demanding job also, so that sorta counts as exercise.

Better than I was when I did none of that, and sat at my desk eating skittles all day


I’ve been training strenght about 1 hour twice a week for many years, but I just started using a elipse machine to do cardio training which I bought to have in my home. I only did 20 minutes thursday last week and yesterday and already I feel much better physically and mentally. I cleaned my house the same day I excersised which I had put off for like 2 months. I’m getting motivation, energy and much improved mood already. I will definitly stick to this and excited to see where it takes me in the long run.


Yes, at least 3 times a week after work, which is a very active job. I also do martial arts now with my uncle who is a teacher in it.

For my workouts I’ve been focusing on deadlifts and squats, but I occasionally do bench. After I lift, I run 20-30 flight of stairs, 10 of which is with 35 pound kettlebells. I work up a sweat for sure. Exercise is vital for me, without it I feel sluggish.


Congrats on the running.

For me I try to do some walking when I can.

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I just walk. Maybe 2-3 times a week a longer walk. I dont do sports.

Great that you started running… good!

I go for fast-paced walks, and in the summer I ride bicycles.

I don’t exercise much, because my joints hurt very easily if I strain them, and my heartrate and breathing gets really concerning.

Maybe I just haven’t found the right regimen.
I do enjoy yoga.

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