Secret Societies, Orders, Fraternities, FBI, CIA, Freemasons, & Etc

Anyone have experiences or beliefs with secret orders, fraternities, organizations, CIA, FBI, Holy See, Freemasons, KGB and etc?

Why bother they are on there own doings some have books they pertect they have meets and gather menbers some places. So why even ask.

I had an Uncle who was a Mason. We didn’t think he had any special knowledge, we just thought he was trying to find a rich wife. He didn’t. He married for love and gave up the Masons after a while.

I always liked the Shriners. They give a lot of money to the children’s burn hospital and those little hats look fun.

I like their little cars too…


CIA tried to recruit me in 1998, one lawyer in my little town whom I have known since the high school is a freemason, some people in my little town told me in 2004 that the FBI wants to put a bullet through my head, I studied some manual for the NSA people in 1995 and so on.

I think that’s how fraternity members see themselves. (I only know white frat boys, but I only had a black Jesus handy :frowning:)

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Most of my delusion dealt with secret societies, government organizations and organized religion.

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I have theistic delusions and that’s kind of God’s playground to a certain extent, so yeah I get alot of “insight” on the structure and possible mindset of the members of these groups.

I try to stay out of that room in my mind, though!

What makes you think any of them would be the slightest bit interested in you or anyone on this forum? Ever stepped from out of the crowd, raised your head above the parapet and actually had an impact on wider society? If you have I’d love to hear your story :wink:

I always enjoyed the shriners at the parades driving little cars or motorcylces or bouncing cars


My (edited) was murdered by an ex cop who was a freemason. His wife testified in court against him telling that the last thing he said was he was going to show him what a 33rd degree mason was before he stood up and shot him five times in the chest. Apparently he was a 32nd degree. He pleaded self defense at first until they know that his wife was to testify and then he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity or mental defect. He was quiet. He got life even with the highest paid lawyers at the time

I didnt know many of those wild conspiracy theories about them at that time. That led me into wondering if some were true when i first heard until my neighbor was awarded the 33rd degree and then i knew what happened in the past was special or unheard of.

I remember tons of prince hall masons used to come to my work and buy fireworks from us. Just weird being surrounded by them when i was unsure if they were good or bad with all my symptoms goin on at the time and my past experiences with them

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A good video to watch on the matter: “hidden timelines of secret societies” by ted gunderson(whom i dont really trust at all/hard to believe if they wanted him dead that they couldn’t have done it).

Check that one out if you believe not, it’s two hours i think but at least check out the section on the pentagon.

They knew exactly when and at exactly which spot the pentagon was to be hit from the day they built it all of those years ago.

So, one other thing i noticed was when i “got sick” i started looking at the clocks at the same times repeatedly, one of those times was 6:16, 666/108=6.16(666666666…), 108 is an angle of the pentagram, like the one in the video.

I can still remember them tormenting me in the bus station on my way across country, just snarling in my ■■■■■■■ face and taunting me that they had power over my loved ones, and they didn’t mean well for them to say the least.

Me thinks im pretty much â– â– â– â– â– â–  at this point.

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I don’t think any of them know who I am or care about me anymore. These were old delusions from the days before I was on medication. You know, I have schizophrenia. You are on a schizophrenia forum.

Yeah, like riddled said, this is a schizophrenia forum. I think most of us here are dealing with our delusions and growing beyond them. This isn’t for those societies to get on. This isn’t even for us to give them the finger. This is to help us help each other and if I am interpreting what you are saying correctly, I don’t appreciate it.



people seem to forget that this is a conspiratorial world, in which most presidents have been freemasons. the occult is real; it is nothing to be feared, because they cannot physically do anything to you; but there are men that run this world like a puppet show. with “social engineering” and “consensus trance”. it’s interesting to think, that schizophrenics are those with their heads furthest out of “the matrix”; the psychic prison that all men are "sentence"d to, and i have seen a lot of posters here advocating art and literary “opportunities”. art and literary creation are unhealthy to a schizophrenic. words are symbols which are subjective representations of reality. all words need to be purged from the mind and even the rocks of the earth if man is to recover from his undiagnosed schizophrenia. (all men have been made schizophrenic, by the imposition of knowledge on the mind. “education” is one of the worst crimes being committed today, which destroys children’s minds and makes all men schizoid.)

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If I kept obsessing on the shadow government and the behind the scenes of why I have the breakfast cereal I do and all the conspiratorial politics of why hot dogs are sold in packages of 8 and hot dog buns are sold in packages of 10…

I would sit, obsess and go crazy… Oh… damn… :wink:

I almost joined the Rosacrusians back in the early seventies but didn’t get around to it. There were ads in the back of the New Yorker magazine. You sent in $10 and they sent you the secret teachings in the mail each month. I knew two people who were members. They wouldn’t tell me what the teachings were. It was on the honor system I guess.

Been in these programs 50 years…Mom and Dad were both Masons and military…I just found my Moms Rainbow Girls and masonic medals a couple days ago…Mk Ultra, Monarch, worked with some gov people off the books so never had any contractual agreement to say 'classified."…I talk about some but by no means all, and I have my reasons for that

You guys realize what just happened here?

You guys are excluding them from your schizophrenia website, one of the posters excluded the free masons from talking about his stuff on our site.

You just have to find that â– â– â– â–  funny! How is that not funny?!

I don’t understand how they would be excluded…by all means why couldn’t someone join in who was a Mason or any other fraternity.? As for some of the agencies mentioned, I wouldnt doubt they are already on forums like this, if for no other reason but statistical analyses…