Free masons

I found myself avoiding stepping into the property of a mason temple. Funny how I’m still convinced that free masons are evil and even stepping onto free mason soil can taint me in some way.

I have a cousin who was a freemason… most intolerant and racist person I know. Just like his free mason friends.

I don’t see them as a secret society anymore. I see them as a hate group.


I don’t know much about the “freemasons” I have a great uncle who is/was one. I know because I saw it on his facebook. I’m going to post something informative though in a minute.

Like anyone else there are hateful racist types and there are non racists who actually will help anyone. I know such a person online for several years who is a Mason, and totally non racist.
As far as all the “Illuminati” stuff often associated with them …_________________… ??

my father in law was becoming a free mason, even he found it too wierd…!?!
don’t they wear little embroidered half aprons , have one trouser leg rolled to the knee, have a secret handshake…mmmmmm…sounds all a bit too creepy and strange…not to mention it is men only…mmmmmm…no windows…mmmmmm…something comes to mind , but i won’t write it here…
take care

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It really weirds me out too. I knew someone briefly who was a mason, and all of the information that I was “allowed” to know about it really was unsettling.

My old apartment was beside an Order Of Eastern Star. Female masons. :womans_hat:

My Mom was one…Rainbow Girls as a teenager…

I get the chills just thinking about it. The lower levels I’m sure are arrogant or thrill-seeking people, but the higher up, past the 3rd level I believe it starts getting bad. Level 20 and up from the spawn cave of satan. Really discusting, degrading stuff.

Has this changed in the last hundred years or so? the people in my family that were one many years ago were weird maybe, but nothing like described by all on here. Was this just the side I did not see?

Freemasons are just people as we are. In my little town there is one lawyer whom I have known since my childhood and I see sometimes him in the streets with his wife or children.

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Okay, ill write it again.

Go watch “ted gunderson: timelines of secret societies”, i can’t even believe it’s on youtube for all to see.

Here is just a taste of the video: If you form a straight line with two particular points of the large pentagram that forms the streets of washington d.c. it points to the exact spot the pentagon was attacked, directly above this pentagram is a free masons temple.

So, when the pentagon was built the exact spot it would be attacked years later was pin pointed by the huge pentagram that forms the streets of washington.

The temple above the pentagram is also used to pin point things in this way.

The jfk section was informative as well, the exact spot where he was shot is also pin pointed in these strange ways, before he ever entered that city his exact spot of death was pin pointed using these types of geometric patterns and things.

But who is actually in charge? Why satan of course, ancient and dark entities rule the earth and always did, they even own the world’s religions, told me so themselves as they maimed me and ran me clear across country.

A mason, a builder who uses stone, a free mason, a builder who is not bound by love and can do whatever the ■■■■ he wants when he wants no matter who he has to murder or rob to do it.

Free mason society is more about collaborating with Other successful business people

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I have York and Scottish rite masons in my lineage tracing back to the days of the civil war. I’m proud? More like the most known nknown on the site. I have been to the National Temple of the Scottish Rite in DC…have seen Albert Pikes grave, and have studied many different forms of traditional masonry up to more of the (developmental craft). Could my studies have given my schizophrenic symptoms?? Yes. Because I started a mutiny in the community, and that…is a dangerous thing. So try not to lose yourself in the great wide yonder of things that aren’t really what they seem…a friend of mine has just been accepted into the blue Scottish rites working his was to the temple of the shrine. Guy threw me under the bus a few times and really screwed me over a bit…yet not every mason is a bad guy. And if they were, they’re gonna be punished and know it.

BUT was it free?

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No. There are many oaths and debts any type of mason has to go through from what I’ve learned.

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I know this is a very unusual and volatile topic for people suffering from mental illness so I believe it’s a better idea for me not to speak on the forum about masonry and religion much. I will talk to anyone who may PM me though, understand that these subjects can seriously lead to psychotic episode and that mystery schools like this just aren’t something to consider for schizophrenics in my opinion. Cheers, I’m going for my first brew @mortimermouse

Honestly, I have my theories and opinions based on conversations and personal research… But like I said, I’m afraid of Freemasons.

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Why do people care about these organizations when there are so many real threats out there? Nobody is complaining about ISIS here yet masons are a popular topic. If you care more about the dangers of an organization where your only evidence is bad vibes opposed to groups that are really out there killing and worse then you need to re-evaluate your medication.

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I attended a few Demolay meetings when I was young. I had no Idea what the Demolays were about. They really turned me off with all their weird rituals.

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