Extreme [ T W ] Secret Society - You got to earn it

Rule of secret society has the same rule of this forum.
I am trying to find the video its missing, just for evidence.
I remember it said no politics and religion in them too.
Just wondering I am not in sink with reality.
What ever I type nothing makes sense,
at least I could do is feel special. :wink:

Will you sacrifice your mind, with sz to be in ss ?

  • Yes
  • No
  • It was not a choice
  • Stupid poll and @A_B_C should find a life. :rofl:

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During psychosis many of the people i knew where supposedly part of secret societies, all of them clashed with each other had different rules and different beliefs, but all of them were pretty much evil.


I have no idea what you’re banging on about this time.


Your threads are so unusual I like it

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I think this thread became a :man_zombie:
Dont remember much on what purpose I created it.

What is the secret society about?

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Its some thing hidden from majority, I think this may trigger many here, or its just me ? I wonder now?

Its like being anonymous here like you and me, and we bring to the table all sorts of extreme thoughts for which is been influenced one way or the other in our surroundings.

But not feeling so special now.

It was just another delusion.

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There are plenty of hidden Societies which pass down esoteric knowledge.

I think I read somewhere that even Freemasonry is based on Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools.


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