Seasons and symptoms?


I’ve noticed that my symptoms, especially negative, are worse in the winter. Its already started this year, as the temp here is already in the 30s. And there’s no sunshine–just gray skies. I want to talk to my doctor about ways to improve during the winter, so I won’t be debilitated by my symptoms like last year.

Does anyone else experience increases in symptoms with the seasons? How do you cope with it?




You possibly have SAD - seasonal affective disorder - for which light therapy is used. Ask your Dr about it.


i love winter and the cold and dark days but i have always liked walking in the dark, in the woods , forests at home with no lights on, i find it comforting.
solitary is right vitamin d is common to be deficient in ,some people that have taken high doses of vit d it can cure mild depression.( but do not take high doses with out asking doc )
take care


no sorry just dark sith .
take care


It always seems most my hospitilizations have been during the cold season idk why. I love the cold its just more melancholy during the cold season it seems. I’ve been hearing the voices for a while now continuously and they have definitely been worse as its gotten colder.


Light therapy is what people here in Seattle have been using to fight off the many gray months. SAD is pretty common up here in rain city. I’ve heard a lot about it, but haven’t tried it myself. I’m tempted though.


Thanks for the help guys! Now I’m researching light therapy lamps and hope to get one soon.




I notice that my psychotic symptoms are not as bad in the summer. They get worse in the fall at school, since I am around so many people. Maybe it is my Asperger’s acting up though.