Vitamin D and S.A.D


Was it you who mentioned vitamin D when battling seasonal affective disorder?
Do you take vitamin D?
I’ve read some articles and a vitamin supplement is pretty benign. But I was just wondering if anyone else has had some luck with this.

I’m getting some today. I’m so tired of feeling so cold. This is feeling like something deeper then a physical cold.

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My day treatment center offers light therapy during the winter season.

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I’m headed towards that option as well. Due to an ear infection, I haven’t been able to swim for this last week and I have one week to go before it all clears up completely. No real exercise. Also due to the weather, my job has been catching up on paper work and not doing so much physically.

It still blows me away at how much the mind and body are connected.

Yes, I’ve been taking vitamin D for over a year now. I’ve found that it helps the depressive feelings of the cold, dreary weather. And it’s helped me sleep better also.

I’m actually going to start light therapy here in a few weeks. I’ve read about some great results with it. I found a light therapy lamp for around $200. So I’m going for it!

I hope you find some relief from these symptoms.




That is great news. I was thinking about that… you’re getting what you wanted for Christmas :smiley:

Thank you for the Vitamin D advice. I am going to get over this.

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I’ve had vitamine D for little more than 1 year. My pdoc checked my blood and noticed I had too little vitamine D. I feel much better now, I was a bit depressed last fall before I started it.

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Most people are clear that Vitamin B is a complex. Less people are clear that vitamins C and D are complexes as well.

My General Practioner prescribes D2 for his patients who test low on Vitamin D. My nutritonist is very clear that D3 is superior to D2.



Ihave offen wonderd if we lose D in cold weather as a byproduct? Much like a heater would use fuel. I take D pills ever two weeks. Have no wayof knowing it works other then blood work. I just done feel it. Oh and thanks

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