Scientists Working on a Cure?


I know jimbob it doesnt work on normies…!!!


I didn’t know that till recently. You learn something every day!


Yes jimbob the information u posted is valueable… we all need to know…!!!


I think we may find cures for some people with sz but not everybody.


Long way to go …!!! Not in our lifetime…!!!


Sadly far I think you are right…


But good medication will be available in our lifetime…!!! Trust me…!!!


I hope for better medication for others, I am happy with my med atm and i don’t see that changing,

@Opus @twinklestars rerouting the pathways in the brain is one thing but i believe that even if you reroute it it could still be a negative thought that travels through which kind of defeats the purpose,

The current meds kind of subdue and inhibit thoughts which help us manage some of our symptoms (sometimes too much) which is better than messing with the structure of the brain :slight_smile:


I don’t think a treatment will be developed that will make people never have negative thoughts. Just that it will be able to help them not get stuck on them.

Everybody has negative thoughts. Most people are able to dismiss them and go on with their day.


i had mainly negative symptoms and paranoia caused by it, before the meds, bah psychosis in general i have now due to the meds + negative symptoms :frowning:


According to APEX TV on youtube a time travel channel with lot of subscribers
Time travel exist and will be public available in the next 10 years so no cure for schizophrenia then?

@far_cry0 we could visit the future and pharmacy and walk inside and ask for a cure for schizophrenia and negative symptoms, well go together i will buy the medicine for us friend…


Sceientists are always working on a cure. The problem is nobody is close to finding one.


Most of those “time travelers” are fakes.


If the fact that,the genes of brain producing the proteins,hormones and enzyme…etc
While you think that the genes brain producing the thoughts like protein production
the question:
tell us the chemical structure of the thoughts ?
Is the cognitive concept of the thoughts is an intelligent function of meat “protein” ?
the cognitive concept of the thought is not the electrochemical impulse that emitted from brain cells

the thought is the implied meaning “meaning message” while brain chemistry are the chemical motors to convey the message between brain cells

The thought itself in structure , function and effects like/equal the working order and effects of gene itself (thoughts are working order be translated into all types of human behaviors)

just you feel the thoughts emitting in the head, and this is enough for you to think that the head producing the thoughts- you belief without any scientific evidence


scientists are busy working on a disease.


If we ignore all symptoms related Sz,the main characteristic of actual recovery :
How can perceive the content of original own thoughts and blocking the auditory perception of the interfered spoken thoughts (simultaneous) ?
How the person feels his own thoughts without perception the spoken voices internally in all time of wake?
What characteristics of chemical drug to enforcement this mission ?


Just,tell one thing if can be removed you will be recovered completely from schizophrenia ?


They can not cure a disease while they don’t know the disease nature and the cause !
Therefore,they are busy to examine optional experimental treatments to see the effect of them on the sz path,no more
Just they diagnosis a mental symptoms and a features of chemical imbalance in brain,then optionally they classify the mental symptoms as the result of the chemical imbalance in brain , without proof the causality relationship between both (the mental symptom and the chemical change)

In other words,they know the symptoms but they do not know what sz is or its cause !
dividing the diagnosis symptoms to 2 parts,the first classify as a symptoms of disease.the second the cause of the symptoms ( chemical imbalance features) ,while both of them is the result of the schizophrenia on the biology/psychology nature !

If you do not belief this fact,answer about 2 simple questions:
What is the nature of schizophrenia case itself,without talking about the symptoms ?
What is the cause ?

The cause linked with the case nature ( like the bad gene is cause of the genetic disease,the virus is cause of the viral disease…etc).,which means that you must know the 'case nature" and the “cause” in the same time inside the box of correct causality relation- regardless the symptoms at all !!
in the real life,no one finding the bad gene " established the sz case" or/ the chemical substances which supposed to causing the mental symptoms of sz according to the theory !