Do you think that schizophrenia will ever be cured?

if so, do you think that 10-15 years is a realistic timeline?
At least for part of the cases of schizophrenia?

I don’t think so, because all brain illnesses are very complex and harder to study than physical illnesses…at least I think so.

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I really doubt it. There are much more deadly diseases and conditions that are likely to get priority in research.

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They are prioritizing Cancer treatments first.

I hope they find a cure for cancer :frowning:

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Me too Stella (@stellaglow)…
Me too…

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Maybe some. Like the auto immune cases.

I think a lot of the timeline depends on what tools are developed for use in medical science. There’s some very promising stuff. And right now we don’t know what amazing new tools will be available in 5 or 10 years.

Certainly there will be advances in diagnosis, treatment (meds, theraputics) prevention, but it may take longer than that for something that could be truly called a cure.


yes @Chess24 there’s a chance. They are studying the brain as fast as they can and with any luck they will at the very least find better medicines which will be almost as good as a cure. And soon they will be able to modify genes to wipe it off the face of this earth along with Alzheimer’s and MS and a whole bunch of other horrible brain diseases. Soon Chess24, very soon.

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Like others had said,

Its a complex illness and it is not a priority.

I do not believe a cure is in our lifetime,

We need to focus on coping with the illness.

Unless there is a way to morph the brain into unlearning all the bad stuff, no mental illness will be cured.


Yes i think sz will be definatly cured in a 100 000 years when we all have green skin and extra large heads.

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Nobody knows. The odds increase with time though.

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No. just because it’s not really a priority and as it is now, the human brain is basically a mystery. We don’t have much understanding for it.

If there was a cure we wouldn’t know. Just like with cancer. They make billions every year so they would most likely keep the cure secret so they can keep profiting from expensive medications and donations.

My shrink tends to think that we’ll probably find some cure or treatment for the negatives with something coming to market for something else. Ie they’ll be doing stuff for parkinsons or dementia and will stumble on something that will benefit schizophrenia. Positives we are almost there for most folk. Treatment resistant is still the worry.

I like my psydoc. He’s pretty cool and clever and he likes his cricket!

I think they’ll find better treatments through experimentation but the illness overall is too complex for modern man to understand. It’s like take the engineering that goes into a car and multiply that engineering by 1000 and you have the complexity a human can possess.

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I don’t think it will be in any of our life times. Eventually, perhaps. But I think they’ll get better at treating it maybe.

I think it’d be like polio in a way that u can only prevent it

Not with any CBD it wont be cured. Im kinda tired of this rubbish being peddled as a medicine everywhere on the internet. Including here…

AI will be the game changer. Give it 20 years and computers will allow us to get a better understanding of the disease. 10 to 20 more for excellent meds. In about 50yrs the treatment for sz will be very different than it is today.


I am betting for atleast 10 to 20 yrs for effective medication…take care homie …!!!

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