Scientists Working on a Cure?


Yes. I just don’t deal well with the unknown.

But, like I said it has gotten more manageable, so I hope someday with meds and therapy it will completely go away or be 90% reduced or something.


Yeah lets hope :slight_smile:


Btw on that NMDA drug, I found a patent application for combining something like that with APs for SZ.


checking it out


It is for rapastinel, but I think a related mechanism of action.


Yeah rapastinel is similar, Im really looking forward to these drugs my doctor dosnt even know what i have its like i have TRS and bipolar. I cant take ssri because they make me manic but i am very depressed so i hope these drugs work out. Do you ever email any of the companies you explore and find out more about certain drugs and treatments?


I don’t usually email them, I get a little paranoid. But I did email Pierre Fabre about their experimental D3 drug and they said they couldn’t say anything. I try to just wait for publicly available news though.


whats Pierre Fabres drug called? another new one to me.


F17464. Haven’t seen much on it lately. I think it was in phase 2.


To be honest I don’t think it’s just a one pill problem. Especially if you already have it. I think there’s a genetic disposition(s) that then kind of undermines the ability of the mind to stay healthy, and under various stresses breaks out in different ways. If you’re trying to heal your own illness I’d say focus on reducing stress so that your mind can repair itself. What reduces stress? Meds, therapy, worship, healthy moderate eating, avoiding caffeine etc. Just trying to gain stability again I guess. What do you think?


Hey, guys!

What about asking yourselves what the “illness” means in your lives?

Is it about chemicals? Is it about emotions? Is it about spirituality?

Maybe you can find the cure just by asking it.

Have peace!


I think cure is like 20 years away… holy cow…!!!


I’ve had some chats with my shrink and he’s good. Top shelf.

He tends to think our next breakthroughs will come from something else like alzheimers research. I personally think we’re at the end of dopamine agonists. We need more partial agonists and different chemicals.

My shrinks opinion is that positives are pretty well controlled for most folk. We will get a breakthrough from something for something else like the amazing thing lithium did for bipolars.

I agree with that. Cure will come. But it will come quickly because it’s the next step up. Negative symptoms…that probably is partially caused by the meds but that is just my two cents!


What I don’t understand is how can a cure cure all symptoms there are lots different symptoms effecting different people differently


I doubt there will be a cure anytime soon. Maybe some day? I think perhaps meds will get better. The Rexulti that I take was the first med that really helped that I could tolerate. That was released in the last few years. Not to mention, it has little to no weight gain for most people.

So perhaps theres more of that type of thing in the future, but better. I’m sure there are more schizophrenics and schizoaffectives like I was, that aren’t being helped after trying everything.

So I think there will continue to be improvements, hopefully big ones.


It is my belief the umbrella of symptoms known as sz represent and end point from a number of distinct diseases. I think that sz should be seen as a spectrum because I believe it is not a single thing


Jimbob whats up buddy…!!!


Hey far am good man. Didn’t watch the football but saw the score. Looked like an exciting game! How are you man?


I am good jimbob wating for a cure…!!! Sz sucks…


Did you know the definition of an antidepressant is something that treats low mood in ill people but doesn’t increase the mood of healthy people?