Scientists Working on a Cure?


Thats from a few years ago capturing thoughts from MRI there might be a better video now but this one is short and sweet.

Why do you say its spiritual what do you mean in that sense? do you think its non physical thats like exists outside the body like some kind of soul or mind body dualism? That just makes no sense to me.


How does materialist reply to schizophrenic twin study (which say that real twin have only 50% risk of developping the illness if one of them does) ? Vulnerabilities wouldn’t do everything? Come on it’s not serious


Different experiences in the twins life lead to different wiring in the brain if the other twin had of done the exact same as the twin with schizophrenia he/she would of got the illness just the same


you are talking about the brain as a mechanical thing but it has its cpu (central processing unit) the brain runs its own program which is way more advanced than anything and nothing could ever duplicate it.


So you dont believe in AI either? good to know haha


I believe in AI but i believe the human brain to be vastly superior bc

a) they are alive
b) they have a spiritual soul

so an ai is physically dead and spiritually nonexistent (no free will) lol


Wow where like the exact opposite lol, I think there in nothing in the human brain that cant be run in a computer, Once we copy the brain into a computer it will be fully conscious. I dont believe in free will either I dont even see how it could be possible in a deterministic world.


its a shame because you are limiting yourself only to what you know, i would say i was more open minded in that sense :slight_smile: haha


I just dont want my brain to fall out with nonsense :stuck_out_tongue: Yours is the common view worldwide. I live in new zealand where spiritual stuff is frowned appon.


Before this gets shut down, I would just like to say I think it is unethical to let people suffer if they could be helped.


I cant answer that, sorry


all good :slight_smile: 151515151


How have you been twinkle? I havnt seen you post as much as you used to.


I believe this as well, it is very complicated,


do you think its possible that we can have a controlled trial of this drug? is it a drug or gene therapy? and how does it alter the brain?


Yeah i think maybe in 5-8 years there maybe something to trial with crispr. Its a gene therapy. It will just restore gene function to correct patterns so neuroplastasticity can take place,


this is rather troubling on my part bc my first thought was ‘what is the actual correct patterns anyway?’ who determines those parameters?

and neuroplastasticity is a scary word.


Well id define the correct patterns as the ones that dont lead to illness.


That is interesting 2 world views all in one person :slight_smile:


I think we have similar beliefs :slight_smile:


There are some drug companies that are working on epigenetic drugs - that is drugs that effect how your genetics are expressed, but don’t actually edit your genes. Lundbeck has said they have some stuff in very early stages. That may be 10 years out.

Long, long term yeah, it might be possible to correct defects in genes that affect all sorts of neural functioning.

I don’t think we will see that in humans in SZ for a long time, but after it begins to be used in Rett’s, Fragile X and the like, they may try it.

I’m guessing stem cell therapies will arrive sooner. But still years out.