Scientists Working on a Cure?


Im interested what lundbeck is working on, apparently they will start 1-2 more unannounced drugs before years end.


I’m OK, thanks. Just trying not to be on obsessively, but having marginal success, lol.


lol yeah, i think when those m1 m4 drugs come out both of us will be on less, what are you main problems negatives and cognitive’s too?


I’m sorry, I do hope they can produce better drugs for us but i just have some concerns regarding the brain, it is a very complicated things and i dont like the idea of reconstructing pathways etc, i feel my peronality may be at risk etc, and i wouldnt want to risk and further brain damage :confused:


What I would really like is something that works better for anxiety, OCD and delusions, but I will take what I can get.


maybe Lu AF35700 will help with delusions it shouldnt be to far away if it passes phase 3 im looking forward to it.


Cognitive remediation training is neuroprotective.

They’ve done scans on people before and after and it shows the brain can route around damaged areas. It actually protects against brain volume loss.


What are the current treatments for OCD? I dont know much about that one.


CBT and drugs like prozac and anafranil.


Have you heard of AV101 for depression? maybe that would be along the lines of something that may help.


Sounds promising!


that sounds better :slight_smile: i like the word neuroprotective better,

I was worried that it might have been invasive and unethical, and also experimental :confused:


Well, all new drugs and gene therapies are bound to be experimental, and have risks.

They will try to mitigate those risks by first testing in rodents, monkeys, and other animals.

Cognitive training has been well studied enough that it’s probably fair to say it’s not experimental anymore. But anyway, learning new ways of thinking, or practicing skills isn’t likely to be risky.


Here’s another company working on drugs specific to genetic makeup.


Nice find i havnt seen this before.


I guess i just been trying to cure myself for so long i just dont believe you can cure it completely,

Idk about you but a thought may take another route around the brain but whats the point if it is a negative thought? you would then just be moving bad thoughts around :confused:


Maybe this isn’t exactly what you’re asking, but in OCD, (as an example) they think that the circuit sort of malfunctions - you have a worry, and then you do something (obsessing, checking, rituals, whatever) and it doesn’t shut the worry off.

So they try to “fix” the “circuit” by retraining the brain (CBT) or meds.

Neither of which is fully effective all the time, but some people have good results.


With OCD is it hard to find the solution to the worry? For example when the worry comes into your mind is there a way you could instead of getting lost in it seek to find the solution and follow though with whatever the solution you have come up with. Does the worry spiral out of control?


Yeah, it becomes almost impossible to do anything else.

But, it has gotten more manageable over time.

I have a routine that is not too weird or cumbersome. Let no one violate it or I have to start over, lol.

But I’m not paralyzed by it as I once was.


I used to worry allot to, The thing that help me alil was to always find the solution instead of thinking about whatever it is your worrying about the solution is key. Like i used to worry about my dogs eatting something bad then the solution in my mind was to think if that happens the rational step is to take them to the vet so i dont need to worry about it i found the solution.

I dunno may not help you but thats just something that helped me always looking for the solution.