Schizophrenia - Shamanism, Beware Possible Trigger

uh oh…i dunno man. I think schizophrenia is bad, not good. I wouldnt have made a good shaman, I would have told everyone that the gods said they needed to die LOL

or I would have been a drunk shaman and told people “bring me liquor or no fortune for you” then told them that they needed to bring me a bucket of liquor everyday for a month, by decree of the gods.

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“We have no tradition of shamanism” I’ve been saying that for almost 3 years on these forums how in at least some cases the 'symptoms" are actually spiritual manifestations, accessing other dimensions, that can only be understood by shamans culture and training.
He shouldn’t say there is no tradition of shamanism, it’s just not main line in society in the western world. but it’s there. i was in a shamans circle in the 90s, and spent time on reservations where the natives still practiced vision quests, sweat lodge and all that…and they completely understood visions and voices and worked with them, letting them be teachers and learning from them because they were natural to the culture…

“Thousands and thousands of years of sanctioned technique and tradition to draw upon” has the shaman…yup…

Listen to 3:12 - 4:10 very important…haven’t I said that often, posted it even recently?

Good video for the first half…
The exception is the sexual and getting loaded parts @ around 6 minutes on…and the shaman does not need the plants… I wish he had not gone down that route during the last half…although he is right about honoring the planet and helping it…

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It is not a perfect video on Shamanism - I think its a cool video - and it could make people think in alternative ways

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Yeah, I dont like the sexual aspects of the video, but many non SZ people use drugs, especially hallucinogenics to open up “doors” to other spiritual dimensions. Even Shamans gain spiritual insight with the help of certain hallucinogenic type plants - etc … Many people with SZ do not need to take hallucinogenics ( very harmful) - When I am off of antipsychotic medication, I become Shaman - like, I do not need psychedelic drugs to enlighten me, I am already there


Yeah I agree…

Here’s some of my own stuff from back in 2004…note the part in bold near the end…basically same as the video says…

"I place the White Sage within the shell, then raising it to the East
call out -
“Spirit of the East, come with your light and wisdom. You are

Turning to the South I call:
“Spirit of the South, come with growth and warmth. Though you are
soon to depart in this season, you are welcome!” (It is the very end
of Summer here)

To the West:
“Spirit of the West, come! From where comes the rain and the cloud,
even now you are here! (It is raining) You are welcome!”

To the North: “Spirit of the North, come with your cold and snow of
purity. Even now you come and will soon be here for your season. You
are welcome!”

I bow slightly and lower the shell, still facing the North -
“Mother Earth upon which I stand, come, for you are always beneath my
feet, and nourish my prayers as you nourish my body. You are welcome!”

Turning back to the East I raise the shell high over my head, calling:
“Father Sky, in which lives the Great Spirit, within which we live
and breathe, from which your son Jesus the Wanikia will return - You
are always present. I need bot ask ‘come’ but acknowledge your

Lighting the Sage and fanning its smoke with a young Eagle feather, I
offer prayers for family and friends - even for some of those who
speak evil words against me.
“Receive these prayers and act now to manifest them in each persons
life whom I have spoken of to you. Receive my prayers as the fragrant
smoke rises to the heavens just as you told us of in Revelations.
Hear now and act upon these words! Hetch etu elo! In the name of the
son of Wakan Tanka, Jesus Christ, Wanikia, Wopila! Aho!”

I have called upon the spirits of the 4 directions. Natives have
known them for centuries. The Bible speaks of them in Zechariah 6.
They are spirit watchers sent by the Great Spirit: God.

Sometimes I will pray with a picture of the person needing prayer, or
an article that they have touched. Connecting with the item or image,
using whats been coined “contageous magic” I am able to touch in the
spirit by this connection as I touch the object or image in the
physical realm.

You can touch others by
prayer. I have experienced this when people have told me they have
felt or even seen something at the precise time of prayer. I have
also felt the prayers of others in the same way. This phenomenon is
not localised to a region either. The effects have manifested 2000,
3000 and even 10,000 miles away.

This is the way of the Shaman, and many could awaken these abilities
by relinquishing their mental imprints ingrained by societies
mainstream materialistic ways. Once you truly believe there is
something beyond touch, beyond sight, and beyond mere human reason,
which nonetheless you can access and work with - you will know what I
am speaking of firsthand.
Faith is the substance of things hoped for,
things desired, and asked for - even things demanded: it is the
evidence of things you don’t see. It is knowing you will receive and
accomplish what you set out to do. It is magical in the purest sense.

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Here’s a short vid on the topic that excludes the use of drugs or sex…about shamanic journeying. talks around 4:00 of taking flight into non-ordinary reality, hidden realms and the other world…goes on to explain how this is used for healing and guidance, and how we are all connected to nature…She explains how a major cause of illness today is because we have disconnected from nature…

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I have occult powers that sort of drawed me in. First, I was born on Friday the Thirteenth, I met a girl who was born on the same day and was the same age when i was little. But over time the memories have been fading of my experiences. There’s a huge brick wall of darkness or amnesia that happens when you access the paranormal. That’s why people can’t access it. I don’t know if thats a good thing but I think it should be.

True shamans can access it when they are prepared, but sometimes I wonder how prepared I should be when I’ve tried to gain back my gifts but it’s difficult. I am lacking the understanding of what has been happening. I’ve done nothing reality shifting or that should cause anyone to fear or be concerned for me. I’ve just witnessed it. For one, finding objects that have special powers. It’s about synchronicity sort of. We are not prepared to handle the idea that reality is a dream like realm full of energies and we are merely avatars or symbols of God’s little blue toy ball.

I’ve taken videos and pictures of paranormal phenomena, much like the movies but a little less scary except on occasion terrifying. The videos were all blacked out later on when I tried to show people. The videos were of places and people that appeared due to a strange object that was badly accessed by the otherworld. I got rid of it, and someone else got ahold of it. The object itself was not good. It was like the Ring on Lord of the Rings except it was a cross and had spirals on it. I took a picture of it and other pictures appeared on my computer of other people. All the things associated with that event are broken and no longer in use, including the video camera.

The cross was at a thrift store in the mountains and it had been bewitched or something, because all the talismans had special powers to them. I chose the power of necromancy. Bad choice, actually it was a gateway to the otherside. Same difference.

That’s when it all started. The weird ■■■■, my so called relapse. See I went off the medication and was fine and then I got that object or it came to me. Literally appeared to me and drew me back into this dark cycle. I see worlds beyond what people want to see. And then I forget. It hurts. This blackness. This darkness that propels this planet.

I’ve possibly time traveled and manifested objects or …put them in other places without touching them. I’ve seen a lighter on my table literally jump off or fly off and land on the floor because i"m not supposed to smoke cigarettes inside. My drunk gay friend was driving 80mph on back roads trying to hit things and we didn’t. I’m not unlucky. I’m not cursed. I’m anachronistic and the world doesn’t understand me. I’m the 13th, the odd one out. The one who came before and after the apocalypse, but not the one who cheered it on. I’m not helpless. But I’m becoming driven by need to recharge, to rebalance because i’m spiritually parched. I have witnessed a lot of things without explanation from our God.

The only explanation was that I was part God. Or that God was dead. Or God is upset at me. Or that God can’t talk to me. Or I was wholly God. And what kind of world traps its God within her own creation? I’m serious. I’ve broken through. Briefly, then it rejects me. I’ve gotten so close, to operating within the physical like the dreams. To waking people up and showing them I can float or do things no one else believes. To seeing the veil in their eyes become lucid, not frozen or trapped in time like we are.

I’ve reversed time, watched it speed up slow down, watched the weather flow through me and shift and feel it course through me like breath.

I’ve had an innate curiosity about the divine and miraculous. Like a serious hunger, but it just doesn’t stop because I can’t break free. In other words, I don’t want to accept a temporary and meaningless existence. Because it’s wrong. Why do I believe I am not the flame? Not the candle that can be rekindled? Why can’t I just be free, take over time, and save the world from control and eternal damnation and slave hood to blood and powerless wars against rightful ownership of the self, and the keys to further strife and progress?

I had so many visions when I was ill. they weren’t like anyone else’s. It was a metaphorical play on reality and all it means. I was shown the sigil of ameth I was shown the book of mary I was watching and being swallowed by a parade of cartoons in a circus of shallow hollow people who couldn’t look up just once to see that they were trapped.

Trapped in a lie doomed to repeat itself for ever until one person could stand, and we were all on our knees praying to a man and a statue and I just watched people gasp in church as the candles started flickering…

I love being human, but it never makes sense just that I’m psychic used to the criticism and dont really get life anymore much other than my convictions which are slowly slipping away…

No one will ever understand. You can call it schizophrenia or madness or bipolar or mania…

It wasn’t like that for me. It was like stepping through a porthole in time. It was like having real things happen and everyone else turned blind to it. Seriously. Like i can’t prove it to anyone because no one is awake to what i see. What does that mean??? That everyone’s in a trance! That everyone is being subjected to this by something else. Only the devil would want to be master or king and expect people to kneel and pray before him.

I don’t pray to God. God is my friend.


SYNC! I just emailed my friend that 11 minutes ago…saying that…

Sent mail at 4:00 am and when I posted this it said 4:11…

Here, I’ll quote it, it’s not anything personal…

“I don’t have any specific prayers I pray really, unless I pray Psalms sometimes. When I pray I just talk like I am talking to a friend”

What you said in your post I have experienced lots of. I work with that sort of stuff regularly. the things that are negative I avoid, like necromancy. I realize some stuff comes from the demonic realm or a form of negative energy. On occasion negative energy can be turned into good, transformed. but not always. Can’t think you can always transform it. But in some cases you can.

I don’t think people should try too hard to gain back gifts or force situations in the other realms. Let it just happen and move within the flow. You can ask for the return and then leave it in Gods hands. Things tend to be more spontaneous…

Here’s something I wrote 9 years ago

"Spirit is spontaneous. Everything I’ve done that has meaning and good outcome was spontaneous, not brought about by endless planning or trying to force a situation into being by my own power. I don’t mean impulsive, that’s different. Spontaneous action called about by listening to spirits direction, knowing the positive consequences; whereas impulse does not consider outcomes and it has no empathy.

But as far as a mission to the world in the larger sense, I’m not sure of details. Its like the looking at the mountain range and seeing just the peaks, but not the hidden valleys. I’ve been through the prophetic writings and telling of visions that foretold many national events, and a couple in other parts of the world - but to what purpose? To “prove” I had a prophetic gift? To warn people? Maybe true. To see dimensions most people don’t see and to share that knowledge? Yes, perhaps, though 9 out of 10 wont receive it and call me crazy or think I’m on drugs. When I insist I wasn’t on any drug, they insist I’m either crazy or possessed by the devil!

Even Christians get jealous and accuse me of stepping outside of their boundaries. What boundaries? Saint Paul prayed that God give us - “The spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him, the eyes of your understanding being enlightened, and the exceeding greatness of his power to us who believe according to the working of his mighty power.” (Ephesians 1:17 -19) So if the Bible says this, what boundaries are they talking about?

Jesus said if you have faith, nothing shall be impossible to you. Where are the boundaries there? The only “boundary” I see is the entering the realm of chaos and confusion which is self-limited by its own boundaries. If we stay beyond this realm of chaos then the unlimited realm of harmony and love is without boundaries.

What is the purpose of energies that seem to act outside of us at our will? A lot I believe is just an invisible connection to the spirit of nature.

Energies interaction with nature is powerful. Once I knew someone would face danger if they went home at that time. They were undecided whether to go or not. So I prayed that if there was danger, for the path home to be blocked. I was 2000 miles away, up on a hill. At the time I uttered that prayer a tornado ripped through that street 2000 miles away and leveled trees across the road and in the driveway to that house. So the path was blocked. I had prayed into the wind - it was answered by wind! There was no other damage or injury to any people. Very selective.

Someone I told about this accused me of sorcery and evil magic. They said the tornado was destructive and caused damage. To what? Trees? Most of which were unstable, hanging over the road, half rotted trees that could have caused damage or injury had they fallen randomly at another time. And they ended up providing firewood to an entire community where every home had a wood burning stove. Later people were thankful because in winter those trees when ice laden hung down in the street. Now they were clear. So the event was actually beneficial in several ways - not destructive.

It reminded me of Jesus speaking to the storm and the wind, or when he “cursed” the fig tree. There was a higher purpose behind all that than showing he could influence nature. So if I’m a “sorcerer,” then Jesus had to be one too, as well as Moses with all his "magic tricks! "

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Hey @e_lunaseer - Thanks for posting that very interesting and informative video on Shamanism. I want to jump right in and say that I at one time before I was placed on antipsychotics,was very much in tune to the “web of life” - like the woman said in her video. I was One with nature - God and hidden unseen worlds. I have pretty much lost that connection, but am slowly gaining some of it back, but not in an exaggerated fashion - no grandiosity involved. The antipsychotics contain me, so that I can function, but they do a number on my spirit. It seems that antipsychotics block the spiritual flow or connected energy. I really cannot afford to get off the meds, I would be out of control - I become so in touch with the spirit world - it then becomes “madness” I am going to try to reconnect to my spiritual side, yeah even on meds - why not.
I was once a psychic, dreamer, visionary, empath, healer and more. I lost it all it seems, with the swallowing of a single psychotropic medication (antipsychotic) I am finally reconnecting to this “hidden world” slowly - there is beauty and peace that surrounds us, it is just a matter of connecting to this hidden dream like world that surrounds us all


I think it takes a lot of time to understand and get a grip on things without meds, if the doorways are wide open. I have, but I am also looking at a 30+ year journey.
I found my greatest problems has been getting sidetracked, distracted. for me, alcohol can’t be in the mix either…at MOST maybe one to 4 drinks on rare occasion …but I’m even staying clear of that now.
Other distractions have been worldly affairs like working, whether for an employer or large self projects like building my house. I simply would lose sight of the spiritual path because i was engaged in so much time consuming work…Now I have no huge projects, and while I do do lots of work, I can also have the time to relax, slow down and stay on the path.
I put all that work into it so I could have this. I could have gone slower but then i might not have it and be struggling now with very little…

One main thing is learning how to discern and deal with the negatives and the tricksters. And they can be tricky. But the tricksters have their purpose to teach you too. Even if you fail at times you can learn lessons from those failures or figure out how to deal with the situations. In that case you can be thankful for the trickster, otherwise you would never know how to handle it.

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Same here Wave. I feel that sometimes I’m more psychic off medication. When I went off the meds for a few weeks I had spiritual dreams and realized the importance of listening to spirit guides. They are there though, whether you sense them as much or not. I know that spiritual protection is all around us.

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