Shamanism: the right software for unusual brains

cool title, huh? yeah, i’m so creative.

so i’ve been reading a lot on shamanism.

for those who dont know, “schizophrenia” has been around since the beggining.
and primitive people LEARNED how to deal with it, by trial and error.
people with odd minds became(by learning with older ones) the shamans, and they had much knowledge and power, understanding and helped people on the tribe with mind related issues.

so, yeah, i want to become a shaman. i wanna learn the way to use our abilities the way our grandgrandgrand…fathers used.

“the schizophrenic and the shaman are in the same ocean, but the sz drowns, and the shaman swims”

i want from you:

do you want a way to deal with your mind and maybe even go med free
what do you think of shamanism
some advice for me
anything related

just imagine how COOL to learn how your mind works, how to use it, how to avoid negative energies, how to amplify the positive ones…

and i study ENGINEERING. i am -VERY- SCIENTIFIC minded, SKEPTIK.

but that doenst mean i’m close minded. their practices might not make sense at first, but they’ve worked for thousands of years, so why not give it a shot?


Sure, if it works for you, why not?

I deal with my mind by not giving to much thought to finding the reason or purpose behind the odd things that
come to me, and just observe them.
I’m not on meds now, but was for (?)15 years?

@Csummers the thing is i dont know if it will work for me, havent done anything yet.

and just read an article that completely killed my motivation, it says schizophrenia and xamanism are diferent things

Belief is a large part of the magic.
But, real Shamans wouldn’t believe everything they read as the truth.


@Csummers i feel you.

have writeen “end of knowledge” on my door when i was psychotic. realized words only cover the truth

I used to have the words
"Abandon all hope ye who enter"
above my door.

Made people laugh…until they came inside.

@Csummers hahaha that would fit a movie

I read that when I first got diagnosed, saw a little documentary about it. Apparently a guy with sz went to a tribe and helped the shaman there, studying to be a shaman and he got a lot of insight into his illness. I think the point they make there is for you to accomplish something in service of others. Like go into medical school would be the equivalent in western society.

We had a longtime member here who was very stable on meds. Then he got laid off, lost his health benefits, and access to the expensive meds he used to take. He started dabbling in shamanism as a result, which I understand. Better to try something, right? Except that it wasn’t. He’s now full-on raving whackdoodle and a shadow of his former, high-functioning self.

Every single time I’ve seen someone stable on meds go deep into shamanism, they have wound up damaged and non-functional. Every. Single. Time. It’s your business if you want to dabble in this stuff, but I’m telling you flat out that you are putting your health, relationships, and financial stability at risk.



How are you going to be a shaman in a society in which that role simply doesn’t exist? How are you going to be a goalkeeper on a tennis court?


I was a Shaman - Healer, Psychic, Empath, when I was not on an Antipsychotic.

Although I miss the added Excitement - I was Delisional as Hell, I was not well.

My life is a lot more peaceful, now that I am properly medicated.


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i think you people are just afraid and want keep things the same.

i did not say to go off meds. its just a plus thing, it cant hurt.

Maybe we don’t want to sell our souls the way you have and yes it can hurt.

I am Catholic and some Catholic philosophers and saints have proposed that there is spiritual knowledge in other traditions as well. I firmly believe that, so I wouldn’t be so quick to demonize other people’s spiritual practices. For instance, my name is Daimon; some people would demonize me right off the bat for a name like this, but I am going by the etymology, which in Greek would mean a spirit guide or demigod. I don’t believe interaction with the spirit world was cut off until Jesus and some Jewish prophets before him. I believe people’s spiritual experiences outside the Abraham faith inspired other religions and mythologies as well, not all of which were evil or demonic in origin or nature.

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Yes sir pixel,I apologize for my indiscretion.

You Catholic? So revere the saints? Tell me about that bro.

I believe in progressive revelation following the creation of the New Testament.

Im down with the new testament also .

Help me understand Catholicism, why are the priests dressed in black which is universally known as a shade of darkness?