Schizophrenia Online

Has anybody ever hear of schizophrenia online? I just found it today…its a chat site for people with schizophrenia. I went out there but I was the only one in the chatroom. Does anyone know if people actually go to that site or does anyone know if its a good site to meet people with schizophrenia. I was looking at it because it seems to be set up as a dating site too. I was hoping to chat with people with schizophrenia because I thought meeting someone with it…it would be easier to explain my situation. Anyways…this is the link if anyone is interested .

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Dude thanks man im gonna register right now!! I like to say that I dont like people but truthfully its them finding out how screwy I am that keeps me to myself…hhmm now if I could find a chick…

You are right nobody’s there but im gonna check back periodically.I was going to register but the chat feature was all I could access.

Ya im going to do the same…check back every once in a while. I would like to meet someone and I thought that would be a good place…if anyone ever show up there that is. :smile:

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lol, that’s the old site of Fire’s. It links to the old village chat room on afternet that they had before they got kicked off the network. I doubt you’ll ever find anyone in that room, which isn’t a bad thing considering the nature of the village chat.

That sucks…ive been out there for about an hour and only one person came on for like 2 minutes. Is there any other sites like that one? I would really like to meet someone and I think that would be a good way of going about it.

Maybe it’s just a sing the whole chat experience for sz people doesn’t work. From what I heard it get sexualized pretty quickly like most chat services. I don’t really look to the Internet to meet people, wish I could but it’s been disappointing every time.

Things could be much better if people were more decent.

For now your better off trying to meet people irl.

I know that’s just a difficult to do.

Thats disappointing. I think it would be hard to meet some one in real life. Not a lot of women would understand my situation. I was thinking if I could meet someone with sz that they would at least be able to relate to my problems. Im 38 years old and I havent been with a women in like 13 years. Im tired of being lonely. :disappointed:

I feel ya bro. It’s tough meeting girls when your outta work and not in school. All my friends are dudes and girls rarely hang out with them. They’re just that type.

I guess I’d keep trying. There is a site you can try but there aren’t many people on it.

You can always keep the fact that your sz to yourself. Eventually it has to come out but only when the time is right and they are invested.

Maybe try some groups like aa or ma they are probably more likely to be accepting of mental conditions.

Don’t really have any more advice.

Good luck dude.

For me its been 18 yrs or so and people absolutely have to know about my state of mind befor hand because ive got it so bad you can see it in my demeaner and thats not good.

Schizophrenia Online part II

Mortimer gets licensed as a psychologist. ■■■■ goes down.

Lol this is too fun

Being on it ,its a small bit juvenile , very teen age angsty , even though many of the people are in their 40s.