Any single good looking woman with Sz

looking for an attractive woman with Sz to talk to maybe get to know i still live a active life and still am very much interested in the opposite sex but would like to get to meet a woman that has been down the same road as me
i am active and keep myself fit
i have been out with a few woman since my diagnosis but the time always comes when you have to mention your illness i would like to meet someone where that would not be a problem so any single attractive woman that still like to have a good time let me know

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Many of us here are single, but this is not probably a best forum for finding a possible partner, we have problems and we discuss these. Maybe you should try some online dating sites. I am a single male and I am quite happy being single.

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It’s a dating site for people with schizophrenia.

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good luck in your search

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If they take the meds they’ll probably be obese. If they don’t they’ll probably be unstable. Maybe if you want to date one you should look beyond the exterior appearance.

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thank you I know the site

I know not what you mean mate but I am in good shape and i can get a date that not the problem I just think I can’t be the only one that will not let my illness rule my life

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Or do it PRN style, where you’re slightly overweight and slightly crazy.

From the forum rules:

• Friendship, Not Romance
This is not a social networking website to meet new romantic partners. In fact, we strongly caution against romances between community members. We ask that member-to-member romantic messages and/or lover’s quarrels not be posted. We believe that it is an invasion of privacy to have our community read member-to-member love letters. There are web sites that focus on dating for the mentally ill - such as that we encourage you to visit if you are looking for romance.


All context removed, you’d do well to heed this advice in particular. Shallow search; shallow yield.

thank you I know of the site did not find anyone with SZ

its a crime to look for a lady on this site mate 2016

get a grip it was only a question

Just don’t want to see you get banned for breaking the rules of the forum.

Pixel should be moderating this thread …

i will go to the mental health group tomorrow not to feel well but too see can i get a woman

Well while this thread is still open I’m currently looking for a chubby man with a beard, 25-35 who really likes toads, cake pops and ranting about the NWO over breakfast, preferably very late breakfast after staying up way too late watching weird ■■■■ on YouTube.


This is NOT a dating forum. Please don’t post this sort of thing here again, which is explicitly prohibited in our forum guidelines:


Volunteer moderator.