Schizophrenia name change?

Possible Names
  • Hyperdopaminergic Disorder
  • Chronic Psychosis
  • Nondegenerative Dementia
  • Psychophrenia
  • Mental Illness

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I was thinking that the name ‘schizophrenia’ is outdated, but I can understand how some people might be attached to it. I don’t like it because people call us ‘schizos’ but that probably wont go away right away if the name did change. Aside from the poll what names do you think would be good to replace ‘schizophrenia’ if there was a rebranding to create new and better understanding of the disease based on new and better understandings of the disease.

psychophrenia is a lot worse in my opinion :frowning:


sorry I tried to make something for everybody

Mental illness.
It’s all mental illness.


I like the name schizophrenia.


no need to apoligise :slight_smile:

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In my lifetime I’ve seen the following:

Negro > Black > African American

Indian > Aboriginal > First Nations

None of the name changes have solved the underlying issues. Maybe we should worry more about dealing with the problem than giving it a better sounding name?


Maybe not the underlying issues, but black people prefer to be called black and first nations prefer to be called first nations.

and lgbtq prefer to be called lgbtq

I’m hoping for less stigma with a name change.


There are First Nations in my country that do not have clean drinking water and have not had this in decades. Women living there endure more violence than white women in a city. Drug problems are amplified. First Nations are waaaay over represented in our prisons. Let’s do something about that first. Screw arguing about names, let’s make some better lives for people.


I think that however the word schizophrenia evolves, one thing we should not do and be more diligent about is to not prescribe a label onto people. It all boils down to, in my opinion, that people are a lot more than an illness. Indeed, the illness, physical or mental, does not define who you are.

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Dopamine dysregulation disorder?

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It’s mental illness, all the way down.


Somewhere I read once Sz compared to, or referred to, as ‘Young person’s dementia’. I liked that a lot I guess… so I went the way I did.

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Sz was already named early dementia before but dementia is a worse illness and gets worse with time while sz isn’t with meds.

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In Japan, the term schizophrenia was changed to integration disorder.
They have seen less stigma because of the name change.


Manic depression was changed over to bipolar disorder.
It’s about time they change the name for schizophrenia.

WTF does “split mind” suppose to mean anyway?

Such an archaic term.

Break from reality? Sz mind is not in reality?