If we are going to re-name schizophrenia then I think we should call it “Prince”

Because whatever we call it, in everybody’s mind it will still be the illness formerly known as schizophrenia.


I don’t like that word(schizophrenia) it sounds crazy to me, but I have gotten use to it.

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That’s very clever @77nick77 !

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Groan. Nick strikes again. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. One out of 400 ain’t bad.

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lol, nice one! :rofl:

I liken it to a pile of sh*t. You an call it poo, or number 2, or excrement or whatever you want, it still summons up the same psychological state of disgust. Likewise you can rename schizophrenia but the stigma will still remain once they learn what it means, and you’re right, whatever name they give it, for a long time people will just say it was formerly known as schizophrenia.


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