Are you for or against this campaign to change the name schizophrenia to "salience syndrome"

Having read firemonkeys posting in Schizophrenia News about a campaign to change the name schizophrenia to an apparently unstigmatised name such as “salience syndrome”, Im wondering do you agree or disagree with a name change, to Salience Syndrome

You know its possible it could change in the next 10 yrs if this campaign picks up. Whats your opinion on it?

i think anything that get rid of the stigma assosiated with schiz is a good thing. i agree with it morons use the word psycho a lot and if u are diagnosed with phycosis its very unpleasant for your self esteem.

The words salience and syndromes conjure images of “off their head” in my mind anyway. Think about it, Salience Syndrome. With those words, I personally think of someone who’s salivating and off their head.

No. It won’t change anything. A few years from now, a dozen mass shootings or grizzly murders in the press, and people will be crying about changing the name again.

Take ownership of the name. If you don’t like stigma, fight it or get thicker skin.

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Me, I like the old school of there is neurotic or psychotic or normal. But understand the need for all the variations on those things. The name don’t matter. In my class today, the teacher said when they were talking criminal law, “if you knew all the people walking around on psychotropic medicaiton there were, you’d be scared.” Really? Well, it didn’t bother me, but it did at the same time. I guess it is what it is. Sorry it that’s not helpful. desimb

If theyre going to change it, Id like a name that is compassionate.

malvok “if you dont like the stigma fight it or get thicker skin”
a lot of schizophrenics dont have thick skin i dont and im too busy trying to deal with the tatters of my broken life and deal with voices screaming in my head to fight anything.

Then by all means let’s change the established medical name of a disease so you don’t feel bad when people say mean things about you.

I don’t care what they call me, just don’t call me late for dinner.


i made a joke on firemonkeys post that i have only learnt to spell schizophrenia , but i actually was not joking .i am pretty proud of myself that i learnt that word.
take care

I like the Japanese name of “Integration Disorder” better than “Salience Syndrome.” Who the heck knows what salience is? Certainly not the guy that lives next door to me!

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What is your deal Malvok? You are on a forum that is meant for people with a chemical imbalance to support eachother through their difficulties. This is not the place to dish out hatred at someone for something they were born with. That’s just as cruel as making fun of someone with cerebral palsy or whose in a wheelchair. I know that people are not perfect, but I’m taking care of myself and trying my best. I don’t get disability and I’m not taking anyone’s money. Most of the time people with this illness are just beaten down, treated like ■■■■, and victimized for this. You obv. do not know much about schizophrenia.

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Yeah yeah, get in line.

I prefer schizophrenia.

I prefer schizophrenia too. Anything else would seem condescending. Donahue would have had shows about it + educate Americans + others.That would make more sense to me than a name change.

Most of those Americans wouldn’t know the meaning of salience, such as me. Sounds like salacious crumb. My references are outdated. I haven’t watched TV or gone to a movie in decades.

Please explain to the forum what’s wrong with disability.

I prefer that we call it what it really is, neither of these names will suffice in my opinion.

Schizophrenia, a split mind, split from reality, nope, that wasn’t it.

Salience syndrome won’t work either.

Howzabout “holy ■■■■ someone is screwing with my mind and can make me hallucinate syndrome”, or howzabout “invisible murder syndrome”, perhaps “john the baptist syndrome” since his entire very popular book was a bunch of metaphorical hallucinations, or maybe we could call it “legion’s disease”.

Split from ■■■■■■■ reality my ass, i had never seen so much reality in all my life, when those who are in charge here begin giving you mental visions of their great evil and power would you consider that a split from reality?

Horrendously rediculous!

I prefer just keep it as schzophrenia. Maybe they should spend more resources treating the disease than trying to come up with cooler names for it.


How about Blender Brain Disorder. I think that defines it pretty well.

I’d say let them change to to whatever they want. It is what it is.

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The problem is that schizophrenia is simply a collection of different conditions rolled into one. I’d wager everyone here has a different combination of problems. Diagnosis should really be pretty open in the world of SZ in my opinion. We aren’t talking about a disease that takes the same course with everyone.

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