Rename Schizophrenia --what would you?

We all know the label of schizophrenia is a bad one. So if you could rename it what would you call it?

I would want something to focus on my very real challenges with visual/spatial tasks and communication. These are the biggest challenges I face along with hearing people call me names whenever I go out in public–especially for unknown reasons-grocery stores. And I am unable to tell if they really are calling me names or I am hallucinating it based on learned abuse.

Anyway not to get off topic. What is a better name? I might just call it a communication disorder --thought blocking and all that…

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Its definitely a Brain disorder, Thought Disorder

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How about phrenia.
It sounds less dangerous. I think the z in schizophrenia is a bit scary sounding


i thought of a more scary word, but i made it up so no go but, it should n’t sound so final and absolute or incurable lol. scrambled egg brain- just eat it for a cure. cute secondary confusion syndrome- fades with age. multiple manifestations nastiness- be nice and it will go away. Specialization in nonsense articulations- be sensible when you can for a healing. lol This is a fun thread for me getting to make stuff up. Thank you. :sunglasses:

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I would call it “my rabid black dog”.


From google :

Japan was the first country to change the previously used name of schizophrenia , “Seishin-Bunretsu-Byo” (mind-split-disease) into the new name of “Togo-Shitcho-Sho” (integration disorder). … One month later the Japanese Government approved the use of the new name as the official term


How about brain fart disease.


Make it sound cool like, virus sz: the reality creation disease.

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Booboo of the brain.

I prefer to call it a “condition” as opposed to an illness or a disorder. It quite clearly was adaptive in the past in some form but is no longer necessary for survival. Imo. (In my opinion).

psychosis and motivational deficit spectrum disorder

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I really don’t think that changing the name is going to help matters. Look what changing the name of manic depression to bipolar did to the image of bipolar? It made it even WORSE. The word Bipolar now equates to “violent” in the mind of the public. That’s what’s going to happen if we change the name of sz. Guaranteed.

Or they could have given it. A number like MD 1 for voices MD 2 for fear MD 3 for etc.

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Fear is not a pathological symptom. It’s a normal emotion.

I would call it Cap’n Hearing: Oops, All Voices!

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Organic Thought Disorder, because it is biological. The brain actually changes with it

Inner Conversation Disorder

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