Schizophrenia disability approval?

How quick did it take you to get approved for disability for schizophrenia? I was baker acted three times, and im currently staying with some friends. How often is it approved? I hear horror stories but I need income and each time I tried working it ended with me getting fired for being too crazy

Around 80 percent of people diagnosed with schizophrenia who apply receive benefits. Your chances are good, unless you’re high functioning or whatever.

Geez this project I’m doing has taught me so much more about sz.


I applied in January 2013, they gave me my first turn down twelve weeks later. I filed a appeal, I went to court on it in March of 2014, they ruled against me in June 2014. Not I am on the last appeal to Washington DC my lawyer says it takes fifteen to eighteen months to get an answer. If they turn me down I have to start all over with a new application.

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Why did they rule against you?

Where did you see that at? That makes me feel better

According to the last judge there was work available that didn’t require me to make any decisions and since there were three hundred of those jobs in the punts I lived in I was denied. The judge totally disregarded the testimony of all three of my doctors that said I could not and should not work
That’s the source for 80% acceptance. Now there’s also a decent chance you could be turned down when you apply initially, but don’t let that scare you off, because it can be appealed and when it is you’ll generally get the disability then. (So some of those 80% may have been turned down initially, but got it after appealing once or twice).

There are lots of resources about this online. Good luck to you!

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I would call one of those free legal info companies and try to track down a lawyer that specializes in social security claims. If I remember correctly they will take social security back payment for payment. But remember if you except funding from DSHS you will have to pay that back.


Honestly it took me minimum 6 months to be approved. I received a couple hundred a month welfare while I waited and the social worker at the hospital got me into a sliding scale living situation.

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I’m in a similar situation. I’m getting money and a roof over my head from my family. I talked to a lawyer last year. Don’t they keep you waiting because they want to see if you can get a job?

i got approved within a month…i am in australia…
been on disability for over a year now…before then i managed to support myself…worked etc :smiley:
still do.
take care :alien:

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It took my son 3 months.

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