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I applied for disability, but it’s stressful because I got an attorney who helped me apply though her. I never found out if I had been denied until I called the local social security office. I never received a denial letter. So I have to apply again over the phone. Its stressing me out.

But here are my points: I have been diagnosed with chronic schizophrenia since the age of 16. I am 31 now; I have tried to finish college and work but my illness has severely limited me. I attempted work at a warehouse but had to quit because the stress and night hours caused auditory hallucinations and emotional stress. It’s not that I don’t want to work and be successful, and sometimes I lack the insight to even realize my own shortcomings.

This has made it hard for me to get SSI because I have been struggling with schizophrenia since the age of sixteen and have never had government benefits for it so I have tried working which added even more stress. I hope they will help me because it’s miserable having no income, and not being able to pay certain bills.

Medicaid has saved my life, improved my mental health and brought me out from a lot of pain. But it’s not security, and not going to keep me alive if I have no income and can’t work.

So my phone interview is set for april. Hopefully I convey that I need long term support.


Good luck. :four_leaf_clover: 1515

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I hope it works out.

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They routinely turn down your first application. Then you have your attorney advance your case, and you usually get it the second time around.

I had an attorney. They didn’t even mail a letter. They just turned it down without telling me. I can’t deal with this anymore. It’s too much effort to ask for help. And people don’t understand. My parents won’t help me return to work, and I have no options other than to ask for help…it just feels like abuse.

Can’t your attorney help you appeal?

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I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe you should tell your attorneys that if they want to keep their reputation as good attorneys they’d better take your case more seriously. Just a thought. I enrolled in paralegal school once. I didn’t have a car, and I didn’t have a computer, so I knew very little about word processing. I do read very well, though. If I could have put that across to some attorney I might have become a valued employee of a law firm. I could have written legal briefs all day. But my schizophrenic brain always sabotages me. If they found out I was a sz I probably would have been immediately sacked.

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