Schizophrenia caused by cats?

Someone told me today they got rid of their cat because their doctor told the that exposure to cat feces can cause unborn children to developed SZ. I looked it up and only a very few doctors agree with this claim.

I have children in the house now and plan on having a baby with my GF next year, should this concern me?

It could also be that cats are caused by schizophrenia.



If the pregnant woman does not clean the litter box it should be safe.

My mother didn’t have a cat while pregnant

that’s what I figured, but some of these so called professionals say that just having the particles in the air from cat feces can be enough, my mom didn’t have a cat either, not until I was 6, and half the SZ diagnosed people I know have never been near a dirty litter box because of allergies.

I just wanna be sure, you know?

It could be anything that gave us schiz I guess

my neurologist thinks mine might be related to a head injury I received when I was 8, since my SZ ‘patterns’ what ever that means, mimic the damage of a class 3 concussion, with a brain bleed. Which would mean I don’t hav proper SZ but rather the same injury a lot of football players get. (American football that is)

Cats are funny, they do what they want and dogs follow their owners.

I miss my cat Sammy
She died18 years ago

Made me laugh, thank you!

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I’ve heard that pregnant women are not supposed to be around cats, but not because cat feces can cause sz in babies. It was for some other reason.

I had three cats in America but I had to leave these behind when I had to leave the house, these where Harma, Monte, and Pinnochio, I do not know what happened to them, maybe my former US wife finished them, then when I lived in my auto I had Minx cat.

I heard that claim too about cats. It’s supposed to be a parasite that lives in the cat and comes out in it’s poop. Then the parasite causes things to happen to the child in the womb and throughout life.

see that’s what would make some sense, but according to a couple doctors who have studied this, they say the woman would have to actually ingest the parasite for it to happen, so good hand washing would keep it from happening.

What if the litter box was in a place where particles can get near food?

that would be a gross house IMO, my litter box is in the basement…and even when I didn’t have a basement it was in the bathroom…

There is evidence of toxoplasma coming from cats. It doesn’t really cause schizophrenia but it can cause psychosis. One theory is it causes schizophrenia but this doesn’t make sense because drugs that work for toxoplasmosis don’t seem to effect schizophrenics other than Minocycline.