Do cats symbolize SZ?

Theres something about cats to me that symbolize SZ. Like that one guy who painted all those pictures of abstract cats. Is there any history behind cats and SZ? Im more of a bunny guy and dogs are cool too so I wouldn’t know. I know animals can get SZ and cats are really cool if given the time but there seems to be this invisible connection between the 2.

I feel a little more cat like. Mostly because of the connection to posturing though.

Louis wain did not paint cats because of the illness though, and there is a decent amount of contention as to what he had.

Never met a cat with sz. But met one with epilepsia

There was a research posted not long ago about the relationship between owning a cat and getting schizophrenia. If you google “cats and schizophrenia”, you’ll find the link.

I used to make the metaphor of comparing black cats to schizophrenia because both get a lot of bad stigma. I have owned black cats and currently own a black dog. black cats rule.

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Yeah, cat butts will give you give you sz haha

Kinda gives weight to the crazy cat lady stereotype though.

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It’s supposed to be bacteria in their poop.

I don’t think it’s actually schizophrenia though, I think it’s probably something that emulates some of the symptoms.

There’s also a thing called feline hyperesthesia, which is sometimes known as feline schizophrenia. It causes what seems to be paranoia, hallucinations, aggression, fearfulness, and self-harming behavior.

I was going to post something similar. I hate cats.

Lol, I was wondering what I’d find when I saw you commented. I think your full name is A Stefano Hates Cats in my head.

Well I was bitten or scratched as a baby by a cat. My sisters cat constantly meows and it bothers me. They have sharp claws and teeth. And they carry a parasite that may cause schizophrenia and affects one’s personality. That’s why I don’t like cats.

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It’s cool! I like you anyway :smile_cat: you’ve got good reasons, but I don’t require you to have any reasons at all.