Toxoplasmosis: A Poll

As we all know, there are plenty of theories circling around the origins of SZ.

One of them states that Toxoplasmosis is responsible for our condition:

Toxoplasma gondii, a bacteria, is transmitted by cats-- typically through scratches, bites, or fecal matter.

The theory postulates that humans who become infected by T. gondii and develop Toxoplasmosis are at a much higher risk of abnormal brain growth, with schizophrenia occurring as a result.

Pregnant women must be especially careful, as T. gondii can affect the fetus while in utero, going so far as to cause miscarriages.

It is believed that over 2 billion people are hosts to Toxoplasma gondii, yet a large percentage do not go on to develop schizophrenia.

  • Yes, I grew up around cats
  • No, I did not grow up around cats
  • I might have had some contact with cats

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My beloved childhood cat had declawed front paws but not back, and many times when she was on my chest and finished cuddling, she’d jump off. Her back claws would naturally extend as she jumped and I’d get some light cat scratches. Happened all the time. Not sure if it has anything to do with the sza though.

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My mother is allergic to cats so we this is definitely not an issue in my case. We did not have cats growing up because of this very issue.

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When I was a toddler up to the 3rd grade we had a cat. After that we didn’t. So I said may have.

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This was a popular theory of some people. Not seen anything that came of the research that went into it. I had cats growing up.


I’m late onset so I’m not sure what the score is in my case.


Grew up aroound cats. Am probably infected. Will I turn into a schizophrenic feline?

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This is very old news. Yes some people might get schizophrenia from cats, but it’s not the same.

Old news


I’m allergic to cats.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

You know, I really wanted to jokingly post about SZ and the similarities to cats:

  • Aversion to water

  • Jumpiness

  • Seeing and hearing things that aren’t there

  • Sleeping extended periods of time

…But then I thought some might take offense so I was like, scratch that :sweat_smile:


It’s not that old :sweat_smile:

They came out with a major study back in 2019, plus, I hadn’t seen anyone mention it on the forum.

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I’ve read that it can also lead to risky behaviors, I used to to a lot of high adrenaline high risk things and then got sz, I’ve contemplated toxoplasmosis many times. It’s just as reasonable theory as any, considering modern medicine doesn’t really even know that much about sz anyway.

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I just had to laugh at this. Very good observations.

My parents had a cat before I was born, but my parents gave it to my grandmother because my mom was worried that after I was born the cat would sit on my face and suffocate me because it would like the warmth of my breath.

Very interesting. I didn’t know they could be linked.

I do believe I had the cat bacteria when I was younger. We had plenty of outdoor cats around my house. A couple of families of cats resided in our old shed. I also love them!!

Toxoplasmosis is supposed to be accompanied by flu like symptoms

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