Schizophrenia and Visions

Does anyone else experience “visions”? Sometimes out of nowhere I get this weird feeling and I can see something happening. Sometimes if I close my eyes I can see things happening as if I had a virtual reality headset on. The other day I was sitting in my room and I was looking around and saw I was sitting in a seat on a plane and when I looked around I could see the other passengers and seats. Anyone else experience this?

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Not like that but my recent vision was a birds head

I don’t get visions, but at times when I see things, like say you left your phone and keys on a table, i will try to figure out why you left them there and why you left them in the position you did, does it have a hidden meaning and are you sending me a message.

I guess the visions I had were of spirits who looked like people they apeared out of what looked like a heat wave and we’re glowing white this was at night as I walked through the park and then they disappeared.

That’s sounds pretty intense, all I can say is talk to the doc about and you know it’s not real right
I hope my visions don’t get that bad,

Tonight I saw a pink spider type crab thing but it was pretty small running up the wall, also saw a ladybird,

My dreams have been pretty cool tonight I was dreaming I was looking at sex ads from email like I was flicking through them or something and one was leading on to the other lol

I think they are real.

When I was a normie I taught myself to be clairvoyant and see energy. I would sometimes see beings walking through the room or have visions. After I became sz the voices told me all of that was bull ■■■■. I don’t know if it was, but it became a liability for me to practice such things if I can barely tell what is real anyhow. I don’t do anything like that anymore.

I was completely awake during this vision it was of martial law. I was in Colorado the sky was dark red, there was a huge military vehicle parked outside the house, and I looked through the other window there were identical black hum V’s (typo! lol) parked at every other house in their driveway. They each had lights on top of them, which were yellow/white and blue. I really thought martial law was happening, and it then I heard loud gunshots outside, I couldn’t believe it at the time, until it finally passed and the person I was staying with said they drove around and didn’t see anything that I saw.