Schizophrenia and Sex

Self-pleasure felt like a chore when on AP’s. When off of AP’s, it felt like an exercise or a practical experiment - as it should.

AP’s affected my pleasure centers, without a doubt; made me crave food more than anything else, especially chocolates, dairy, and sugar - basically hi-fat & hi-sugar substances.

Sz affects so many aspects of our lives it stands to reason it would affect our sex lives too. Maybe not so much in performance, but in how we socialize and the kind of people who we associate with. Do you think you should tell a woman you’re sz before you have sex with her?

I’m a girl, but when my symptoms start acting up I just can’t get wet. I go through the motions and try to get into it, but my body doesn’t lie. I would imagine it can be the same way for men. Luckily, I’m with a guy who totally loses his erection when he realizes I’m less than enthusiastic. We save our lovemaking for when we can both enjoy it.

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No I don’t think so. Maybe later in the relationship when I see that she can be my secrets’ keeper.

Too much information lol.

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what do you mean astefano? i am spreading a lot of info,i know…ive even told to my hairdresser that i am schizo,imagine… i dont see the impact of all this still :confused:

I don’t think there is anything wrong with masturbating or looking at porn. With Sz we have so few joys as it is. I say, keep it up!

I appreciate the info, @Anna1! And props to you for telling your hairdresser. I firmly believe that living openly is the first step to breaking down stigma!

yeah but maybe it was better to keep it for me… i dont understang the humans anymore,i am derealizated…ive just told it like this,miau :slight_smile:

Nah, tell everyone. Except maybe employers. But tell everyone else. They need to know we aren’t scary and dangerous criminals. We are sometimes just cute girls with a looser definition of reality.

you re a girl also?

Yeah. For some reason, that always comes as a shock to people, even though I talk about my sex life like constantly. From my experience on the forums, it seems like the rate of schizophrenia is higher among the sexy girl population. And the guys too. Really, everyone on the forums is pretty sexy.

i am not quite sure about that… it happens to the most intelligent sometimes. ive suffered enough to be ugly. except if you re ugly and sexy,i dont know if that this can happen(probably yes). but since i am ill i dont find anyone. we are going with one sz girl friend of mine in a bar and 2 of 3 boys had a crush on her and not me… i was devastated but i know i am crazy now :slight_smile: i wasnt never the prettiest in class but was first with the notes etc…i think i am not a sexy,neither beauty but probably more intelligent than average people. not a genious of course but just smart :slight_smile:

The only trick to being sexy is to truly believe you are sexy. I have a friend who is missing most of her teeth and she is two hundred pounds, but she truly believes she is sexy, and you know what? Guys fall all over themselves trying to get after her. They buy her jewelry, pay her rent, and one guy even bought her a car and paid for her to get tooth implants. Not even dentures, but actual false teeth stuck to her head! If she can do it, literally anyone can do it. You just need to exude confidence.

yes,probably that s the trick. my friend was doing fine at this time. i didnt… but i am also in researching of myself. i dont wanna feel sexy if its not in my nature,you get it? cause i dont have real feelings anymore, i just wanna feel it :wink: and probably there are some standards out there of course dont you think? this thing probably its not a contradiction of what you say. that friend of yours probably is more proned on sex than others. did you saw the movie hemnigway and gellhorn? the second one was one of hiw wifes and in the begining of the movie she says ''my main error in the life is that i ve never loved the sex so much" :slight_smile:

Erm. My wife (who doesn’t have SZ) has no complaints. That’s all I’m saying. Well, maybe this:

Foreplay. It’s important.


“I have a friend who is missing most of her teeth and she is two hundred pounds”

Is your friend in the MMA?


:smile: yeah…:slight_smile:

Haha no she just came from a really bad home. Her dad smashed all her teeth with a brick. The weight comes from eating at McDonald’s for every meal.

And @Anna1, if you don’t want to feel sexy, that is also fine. Having no interest in sex is just as okay as having an intense interest in sex. Whatever makes you happiest.

yeah i know. i just dont know who i am anymore…but i hope itll get better. i was appreciating the sex but had difficulties to feel real pleasure. i was abused when i had 6 years old,dont know if it comes from there…