Schizophrenia and Sex


What is the effect of having schizophrenia on sexual performance in males? I’m single so there’s no way of experimenting sexual intercourse other than solo sex. However, I’d like to know if there’s an effect from the illness itself. I know there are side effects from anti-psychotics, but are they permanent or just temporary?

I’m stopping solo sex, but single men would know that’s a tough habit to beat. I know quitting porn and masturbation is a good thing to do, as watching porn increases dopamine and might negatively affect schizophrenics.

i dont know,every sz is different probably but i am clumsy for physical things because of my illness. but i had compliments for my fellatios :blush:


Nice cat, but I’m interested in sex in humans :slight_smile:

Yes it can affect. The mind and body work together.

What’s the exact effect?

Well if your mind is messed up it can affect concentration. Just my experience.

Cool. Interesting

I’m going to the psychiatrist today to discuss this with him. I wish psychiatrists weren’t that expensive.

What exactly is solo sex?

Masterbation? :slight_smile:

Ah ok. I thought I was missing out on something :sweat_smile:


I recently read that men who view porn do NOT treat women any less humanely.



Is there such a thing as a guy who has never watched porn? Does this type of individual exist?


I still to this day have never watched a rated X movie, but I want to with the right guy, of course.

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I think my wife watches more porn than I do…seriously. But neither of us have any hang ups about it. Just a once-in-a while fantasy outlet. This has never been an issue in our relationship.

Wow, yeah, that’s cool. I worry my puter will catch something.

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Greeting everyone,

If someone has further comments on the main issue I posted above, which is the side effects of schizophrenia on sexual performance, then please post ahead.

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ive went out once with a sz guy,he was a little bit flegmatique… but me i am the same way. he had also in rapid ejaculation, but everything is individual,even this americano :slight_smile:

Anhedonia, wich can happen, makes one less sexual, or less likely to “enjoy sex”. Ive had GF’s twice, and both of them said I was the least sexual guy theyve ever been with. I mean, less “gropy”, less eager etc. But I enjoyed it in the beginning of both those relationships. In the last I got terribly psycotic, and went under the radar from doctors for a few months, that psycosis sort of ruined me, I got terrible anhedonia, when I got “better” and I thougt I didnt love my ex anymore. Turns out I did, but I went a year without putting out after the psycosis, and that ruined her love for me…