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How is libido after schizophrenia?is there difference before and after schizo?what about orgasm?dnt shy please share your situation.

Due to stress related to sz my libido is decreased. When not stressed it is back to normal.

at the time of first episode my libido was so dam high.maybe coz of dopamine excess. sometimes i think those days were good for this reason :smiley:

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It could be mood-related. When I am on a high mood-wise I become hypersexual. And a tad psychotic.

Risperdal has been a really stabilizing med for me, but it has different side effects including low libido. ED issues, retrograde ejaculation etc…

I basically have very little sexual drive on this drug.

Not a huge issue for me now, as I am single.

Back when I was not on meds… the episodes the hyper mind on fire… I was hypersexual as well.

when I hit the negative symptoms, my body was pretty much dead. I was just very still for most of the day… for many days.

When I was on a higher dose of Seroquel I was also inactive. Couldn’t get it up for anything.

But when the meds got adjusted… and life started getting a little easier… and the latuda got added, that part of my life woke up.

These days… I feel that my sex life is pretty stable… if I hit a manic phase… hypersexual and getting a little out there.

I am on prolixin and there are no sexual side effects. I love it.

This is a great question. It’s differential, meaning very different for each person. Factors, things that will affect libido, orgasms, ect., are what meds, what dosages, and types of symptoms present.

For me, my Geodon makes me last longer. I used to sleep around quite a bit, thought I was invincible and not gonna get a disease, luckily didn’t but damn the odds were not good. I was excellent at sex! That and I was a bodybuilder and looked like a pro athlete. I still workout but not too much.

It’s different across meds. Some meds really kill libido and some don’t. There are pros and cons to all meds. And even then, everyone is different, so meds dont always work the same for everyone. It’s called individual differences in neuroscience.

I woke up with a raging hard on an hour and 15 minutes ago and felt like uh releasing tension, then and there, but I didnt because I had to pee and poo. I’ve been single since May of this year. Yeah it sucks. But I do have working body parts.

Keep in mind that unmedicated schizophrenia or episodes mean one thing for certain: HIGH NEUROLOGICAL AROUSAL. AROUSAL IS BAD FOR SCZ AND SZA. It means your brain is firing on all cylinders and, well, some of that energy can go to sexual impulse. It’s raw energy, simply put. Energy from humans typically goes towards creating (learning, working, caring for others) or destroying (arguments, violence, crime). Sex actually falls under creating. It is a positive force of life. It is how life goes on in the long run.

Well, now you know, being more sexual sometimes goes along with being crazier!

@sleepoptimistic i dnt understand what you write.

@jukebox.i am on arpiprazole (abilify) . i have read every sz medication has sexual side effect as all of them block dopamine D2 receptors. How is your motivation n how often do you mastrubate? Is erection tight enough?

I have full erections and don’t have any problem. I found abilify had no sexual side effects for me. I don’t masturbate I have a girlfriend and that doesn’t go well when you are in a relationship, ya know.

@jukebox. Why did you change your medicine then?

I was semi delusional on abilify…caused me to make some really bad financial decisions.

It depends on 1) how much they block those D2s, 2) how many D2s were open to begin with, 3) allostatic load on the autonomic nervous system (usually reflected by resting cortisol levels that can be measured with simple saliva tests), 4) neural inflammation in the limbic and reticular activating systems typical in sz, 5) a diet insufficient in certain precursor chemicals, and 6) 20 or 30 other factors I can think of if I sit here long enough.

Some people are de-sensitized to sex when they get sz; others by the anti-Ps, others by who knows what all, tough stress is a major factor in ED.

One thing I can suggest: Get some raw celery, parsley, cilantro, spinach and or carrots and eat a reasonable – but not excessive – amount for a few weeks. See what happens. Some pharmacologists I know think that anti-Ps cause a leeching out of the chemicals in them (and resulting ED) that are needed to keep things “humming.” (Cured my own problems with Seroquel quetiapine, anyway.)

cc: @Wave @Treebeard @SurprisedJ

I am sure that a lot of you guys know that if you have problems with pre-mature ejaculation some of the ssri antidepressants will cure that. They actually make it pretty hard to climax to an orgasm. As far as the antipsychotics go, they have slowed me down. Less libido, less sperm, fewer erections.

@crimby. you said the reality.right now my libido is normal but i sometimes crave for super high as it was on first episode on scizo.i had erections without stimuli at least 5 times a day :smiley:

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