Schizophrenia and Sex

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I was abused from 14-17 and then raped at 23. I never thought of sex as something that could be positive until I moved in with someone who happened to be a sexual trauma counselor. If you want to enjoy the sex more, and you live in the US, I highly recommend going here or here. They can connect you to a sexual trauma counselor in your area. A lot of them are also free services from volunteers who have survived trauma themselves. You can also talk to me anytime. I am a big supporter of sex being a cause for enjoyment rather than pain, and I have learned lots of coping skills.

oh,thank you,ok :slight_smile: in the psychiatry they think that one of the reasons of the sz is sexual abuses thats right? my father also had some mental issues problems but i am not sure if he was paranoid. he was just sometimes very good and sometimes very aggressive…he tried raping my sister in fact whes she was 20…yeah,i think ill wont give up on sex though :)… i am in east europe,here we dont have a lot of help from doctors…

I think people go back and forth on nature vs nurture. A lot of us on the forums have been abused. Actually, probably about 90% of the girls have, and I don’t know what percentage of guys because of the stigma surrounding men reporting sexual assault. It can definitely be a catalyst for psychiatric disorders.

yes,thats what i know also. but ive should stick with meds if they work even if it was a sexual abuse thats right,what you think?

Definitely stick with meds if they work. Counseling isn’t meant to be a substitute for medication. I will probably be on meds for the rest of my life. I think the best treatment for most people is a combination of drugs and therapy. One thing that helped me was realizing my abuser wasn’t an inhuman monster, but rather a deeply flawed person with mental health struggles of his own. Once I could see him as a human being, it became easier to forgive him and let go of the pain. I got lucky though, because he actually expressed regret to me. I don’t know if I would have been able to forgive him otherwise.

ive never thought like this,yeap… a friend of mine told me he wasnt a monster but some kind of pervert. i have perversions as well i think but i am so ■■■■■■■ afraid of them…

Forgiveness is really hard, and it’s almost impossible when the person doesn’t even show remorse. But, even though they don’t deserve forgiveness, you deserve the peace of mind. For now, don’t worry about your lack of interest in sex. When you meet someone who makes it worth the effort of trying, you will know it. And they will be patient working with you on increasing your tolerance for sexual activity without being pushy.

ok,thanks, i am going to bed soon. so individual therapy with meds is the best in your experience? now i just have meds and group therapy…

Okay goodnight. Enjoy group therapy. I actually like group therapy more than individual therapy, for the same reasons I like the forums. It’s nice to know other people have the same struggles as me.