Schizophrenia and Latent Homosexuality?

I read online that Sigmund Freud once said “schizophrenia is latent homosexuality”. I was wondering what members here think about that?

Sigmund Fried said a lot of crazy stuff. He may have had a mental illness to be honest. At the end of the day I think most of it is psycho babble.


How can one know for sure his own sexuality? Whether straight, gay or bi-sexual?

isnt that the same guy who basically contected everything in life to sexuality? like when you speak words and sentences they have hidden meaning revealing your deep inner sexual love and fantasy for your father or mother. yeah… once you construct a web of your own intepretations then you can make sense of the world however you wish, be it sexual, religious or whatever.


he snorted a lot of cocaine that’s for sure


Also consider the definition of homosexuality in Freud’s time. Homosexuality was considered a disorder itself until not that long ago. I wouldn’t try to analyze a Freudian reference to homosexuality all that seriously since he would have been referring to something totally different than what we know/experience today. That last bit varies widely across cultures/religious institutions, but I think you can get the gist of what I mean.


How can one know for sure his own sexuality? Whether straight, gay or bi-sexual?

Do you like men or women or both? IF you like women you are straight. IF you like men you are gay. IF you like both you are bisexual.

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I hate both actually :slight_smile: I hate all people except my parents.

Now to answer your question, I like women but my old psychiatrist kept asking me whether I’m gay or not. He asked me twice and I replied no. But it made me wonder why he asked this?

Some schizophrenia revolves around identity issues… it’s more a reflection of the difficulty that some have in finding a sense of self in the human sociosphere. Especially regarding gender or sexuality issues as those are kind of the pillars of ones identity in this stupid hetero-normative culture…

That said I am one of those who has issues coping with the concept of sexual orientations at all… and the unfairness that is implied… I’ve known and loved some women… Part of me knows that a homo relationship would probably work as well, but I would be hesitant to commit to that kind of action and forgo the presence of women… I mean it’d cripple my dreams of the life I eventually want to live…

Anyways my psychosis has a sexuality component to it… voices rage on all day calling me gay or straight from moment to moment… get totally pissed when I try to make them say I’m bi. Which is probably the truth… but at this point there no acceptance or activity that is going to change my feelings or reverse this illness.

This latent homosexuality concept… the potential to enjoy homosexual acts… well if all the truths were bared out… that crowd would probably be a lot larger than people would like to admit.

Anyways… that statement is obvious untrue… someone like frued was trying to make generalizations about one of the most complicated and diverse things in existence… the human being and mind. He should have known better, but it was his job to try and simplify it.

Most of his statements are just novelties now… it’s all very outdated.


honestly you could be gay and not know it, BUT its pretty unrealistic that you dont know at some level.

Well I’m 30 and my love experiences are all with females. I don’t have an interest in having sex with males. So I don’t know why he thought I was gay. Made me think about this theory of Freud.

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Some people just do that… shows that they have their own biases and prejudice about what is what…

I face it all the time. I mean people think I’m gay out there… like really just straight up gay… if that were the case trust me I’d be waving rainbow flags all over the place… I think about doing it any way…

Who wants to be straight anyways… aside from sex with women… those people are square as ■■■■. Prejudice and insensitive.

Heterosexual men fall right in line to the classic alpha male battle on a continuous basis.

I know just because eventually the tension breaks and people start talking ■■■■.

Sex sex sex the world revolves around sex…

I’m glad to have my own apartment and avoid everyone now… it gets a little boring from time to time… but when I really try to entertain myself I end up getting lost in something… I’ve had maybe 3 spoken conversations all week.

Um I was once told that there is a book about psychosis and homosexuality by a fellow person with scz.

I am bisexual for sure, I even dream (erotic dreams) about members of both sexes. I have had boyfriends and girlfriends. I have had sex with men and women. I have chronic schizophrenia. I’m male.

It’s nothing to worry about, in fact coming to terms with it was a big part of my recovery. I think there is a post from when I came out with a ton of responses, like hundreds on here. Lemme find a link to it.

Sexuality and gender are so fluid and don’t have to mean the same thing to everyone, at all. Schizophrenia presents in different ways too. There is no real weight in a statement that correlates any 2 things that have such broad definitions. Your identity can change throughout time which is completely natural. I’d like to see the extensive stack of references Freud went through when he decided what he meant when he said “latent homosexuality.”

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Freud was on cocaine and smoking cigars constantly.

He did enough cocaine in his life to kill a gorilla. Or a horse.

But I have heard that we are more likely to be LGBTQ than others. I should look it up on the databases. I might do that at school tomorrow.

Freud was like a universal horoscope. If you look into what he actually wrote you’ll find that one of his descriptions fits you. It fit me when he said that schizophrenics are orally introjective, fixated on taking stuff in … everything from food and substances to knowledge and music. I’ve never had a creative bone in my body but I just can’t get enough intake.

Is this the book?

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