Freud says sz is caused by secret homosexual desire

Let’s debunk that real quick. Are there any gays who have known their whole life on this forum?


Freud has already been debunked a million times. He’s respected for basically thinking up the field of psychiatry but other than that everyone knows 99% of what he came up with was bogus.


Freud said some really silly things


Freud had no clue.


Yes, right here brotha

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I think he should speak for himself. He’s the one who always has a cigar in his mouth. I guess sometimes a cigar is more than just a cigar.


Freud is controversial person…!!!


Freud came up with a lot of nonsense, but I’m not going to discount everything he said. His model of the personality is intriguing - the id, the ego, and the super ego. This model doesn’t do much. It doesn’t help us predict very much, but it is intriguing.

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Schizophrenia will manage to make insanity out of nothing at all if that’s all it’s got.

I feel gay about 90% of the time, but really I’m just complaining about being alone. Hah… women are electric, but I only get reminded about that some of the time… the rest is me wishing for life to make sense because I have a bad family, bad spending habbits, a chaotic lifestyle… and am over all very bored and self-entitled… everyday is sitting on some mystical fence of waiting for something spectacular to happen… and it would be that way with or without schizophrenia because I feel exceptional… and in that I want and exceptional life… It’s not the cognitive me that wants it that way/// It’s my childish neediness and desire to feel special. I look around and everyone else seems the same…

So if freud was looking for some closeted honesty that might leave one a shame… I’d consider the man poor valued if he’d chock up all my confusions at some poor attempt to deny attraction to the same gender… because simple human selfishness is far more gross to me.

The way I see it is that men just aren’t important to me… they’re here then they’re not… I’m usually thankful they aren’t around… but nothing could ever make me forget about women.

I mean I’m pretty backwards… I say it profoundly now because I have been holding onto something that I suspect isn’t unusual at all, however very hard to understand for some. I really don’t like people… I’m really tired of being sensitive to their immediate need for attention… I’m being tired of getting ignored until I regrettably find my own raw irrational need for attention.

It was part of winning the fight against my social disintegration… I had to blatantly just accept there will be human noise in my life for forever… human noise that is out of my control… there will always be other voices that will not ever stop… whether they are hallucinated or otherwise… and it’s almost as though my hallucinations are bred from an inner conflict with my brain itself over whether or not that is wrong. My brain says “shut up dummy your supposed to get along with everyone and feel less then they are” and I feel more like “dude if none of this dumb ass ■■■■ was going on everywhere my life would be a day dream… beyond that it’s just people caught in their loops… give me a field god… just give me a plain old empty field in outer space and I would know peace.” Mind strikes back “Idiot no you wouldn’t… you think you deserve that much? You wouldn’t be here without humanity… you owe it everything.”./… then I still wince “Yeah but this is ■■■■■■■ dumb half of these folk are just spoiled assholes and the rest are the poor ones trying to compensate.”

then along those lines… “Maybe I won’t feel alone if I can find one of those girls who understands that that way… then instead of wishing for a field I can just make a life that is 100% crafted in spite of dumb mainstream expectations.” Then my mind strikes back “Dumb mainstream expectations eh? If that’s all you’re trying to strike a match under you might as well be gay… it’d be more effective/”

Then I strike back “Nah it’s not about messing with the actual mainstream at all… it’s about getting away with pretending it doesn’t exist because it’s a stupid echo of backwards traditions and really poor capitalistic moral ethics… it’s rome coated in plastic packaging… and too me that’s revolting.”

Freud can suck a square one… he had a good capacity for abstract conceptualization… but his own psychological bias was about one degree at best away from just satisfying his own expectations. I mean this is pre-nazi german fellow… predecessor to a bunch of thinkers directly responsible for that war. Can’t blame freud for any of that but they were all into getting away with a false sense of superiority for a long time there.

I mean it’s because he set the stage for that… heterosexual europeans to further square away anything different from them into one box of prejudice.

Freud was offensive… no doubt…

Where does Sigmund Freud say this? …or I can look it up myself. Thanks.

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I couldn’t find this information anywhere. I used Google and Yahoo engines both.

Freud was a very compassionate man who did the best he could with the information he had. Freud happened to be a very important Jewish intellectual. During the time that Apartheid happened, there was a revival of interest in the Jewish Holocaust. Freud’s theories came up a lot in 1987 or so. I actually love his views on creativity, i.e. that it is “sublimated” libido energy. It always made a lot of sense to me.

I suggest we get our information straight before we go bashing Freud.

And that’s MY tuppence.

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I had my psychotic episode when I realised I was gay. I realised that I was in love with a male friend, and in that instance I also realised that I was more than one person, a sort of double role play, at least one of which was pretending to be a woman. The revelation blew my mind into pieces and also made me go off being gay since I felt it to be a product of the strange menagerie going on in my mind. I went back to preferring women but I feel that the menagerie is still going on now.

Freud is cracked and a sex obsessed pervert. Never liked him. He spouts a lot of nonsense

I’m not gay, but… Freud also believed in the Oedipal complex, so I don’t think much of what he had to say.

That statement by Freud is rubbish, very black n white thinking. Another theory about sz that makes zero sense.

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Isn’t it amazing what a doctor can come up with after using tons of cocaine?


@77nick77 that cigar joke was hilarious !!

Freud is still respected but I think he’s way off on this one.


Freud made a start. Not a good one, but it was a start to help mentally ill people.


My homosexual desires are definitely not secret :smirk:

I’ve known I was gay since I was very young.

Loud and proud :rainbow: