Schizophrenia and Heart Attacks?

I’ve seen a few sites that have research, and a couple of posts here, saying that heart attacks are quite common with sufferers of SZ. I’ve had a few, but have also been a heavy smoker since I was 18. Around the time I started drinking. Was wondering the causes?

Probably because some of the meds raise cholesterol or the illness leading to bad habits. Probably not a direct effect from the disease itself.


I have also heard this. I have a small mitral valve leak that “”appears it may worsen over a lifetime”

I know these can be fixed as my mother had one repaired but sometimes (occasionally) when laying down it sends me into heart palpitations that are very scary.

I hope it doesn’t and that nothing happens. Or that anything else does. This is why I avoid fatty foods, exercise, don’t smoke, and try to keep myself as healthy as I possibly can despite I don’t work or am as active as others. And despite I can get low.

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Did your doctors say that you can’t exercise?


I still exercise regularly, even if just walking and pacing around my place.

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I was asking @Fanny_Longbottom, sorry.

Are the MVL’S what people discuss when they ask if you have a hole in your heart? I think I’ve had one for years that’s pretty bad and causes my heart to stop. I’ve learned how to control my heartbeat for the most part. I can make it do all sorts of stuff on command. It’s always been my brain I have no control over due to the stupid SZ developments.

Oh. Heh. Hope you are well today.

Not at all. I can exercise as much as I want. It really doesn’t affect me. In fact they said many people are walking around with mitral valve leaks undetected. In my case I got it detected because of a history.

I look at it posative. Now they can keep an eye on mine.

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A mitral valve leak is where part of your heart (mitral valve) leaks so blood flow goes back into the chamber (the mitral valve). Then every now and then the heart has to pump extra to get all that back flow out.

It can be minor or severe. Or get worse over time or stay the same.

A hole in your heart is something different. I am totally unsure what that is. You would have to get an echo of your heart like I did.

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