Another reason

To not do meds is the wavelength of the contraction and expansion of the heart muscle, and I think there are coefficients for this that only a doctor understands, but it is resulting in anxiety thinking about it for me. Does anyone have heart problems?

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Like you wouldn’t believe. I still take head meds as directed and my cardiologist keeps on top of things.

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That is terrifying! I am scared that I cannot thwart this much longer it is so exhausting but I am so scared of meds. @ozymandias

Baloney. I’m more scared of going nuts, losing my insight, and losing a life I enjoy. Pass the head meds.

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If you’re worried about meds damaging your heart, the best strategy is to find the lowest dose of APs you can function on while learning alternate strategies through therapy that maximize your function at lower doses.

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I have no heart problems on meds. I had high bp high cholesterol and sleep apnea when i was obese but they went away with weight loss. My heart rate went down too.

You are still young though @Aziz

It was scary for me to see my EKG (heart funtions), not a human, i think, can live with hope while he can easily give up the hope.

I have tachycardia and QTc prolongation with the clozapine. I’m being monitored by a cardiologist.

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That is horrible sorry to hear, is it because of clozapine or other meds could also be the cause? That is so weird you said QTc because in my head I imagined QT/QR was a coefficient and I didn’t even know if that meant anything. The universe is speaking to me. @WhiteRaven

What do you take if I can ask @Wenyong_Chen

With your thinking I’d say it’s a dumb policy not to take meds.

Doctors are well and truly versed these days in all the heart things. Way more than your mental health.

Yeah. Psych meds can be brutal but honestly your playing the losing game before it even starts.

Take your meds. Only one antipsychotic I’ve seen affects hearts with qt prolongation and it’s only a small number of punters. You just seem to be looking for things not to take the pills and not to think that they may actually help your thinking in the long run!

I am scared to @rogueone the fear is real I think I know that is the outcome but I can’t do it. It’s like swallowing poison.

Why take meds if you don’t have serious symptoms

Did you stop them on your own?

Your just setting yourself up for failure. Takes like a month to six weeks to get good results if they work and I suspect that is a big problem. Like it’s all about receptor occupancy and half lives so if your skipping doses your back to square one.

Yeah it’s hard but plenty of people here are past that and doing better than most simply taking meds daily and as prescribed.

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Lol sounds like a relapse is coming soon

I have a problem in that I don’t think I have a heart anymore. :pensive:

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Do you know your rate?
Last ECG I did I was like 496 ms

I’m just waiting for results now on my Holter test

I take in the morning Cariprazin by 4,5mg and regularly in Berlin Time 20:30 in the evening I take Olanzapin by 5mg. It’s to the opinion of Doctor that Olanzapin overlaps Carizapin, I do this because I want and need 5mg Olanzapin, otherwise I will go manic. Likewise yesterday evening I spent time on this forum, have had forgot taking Olanzapin, I went manic and did stupid things…on Whatsapp.