Schizo-spectrum disorders and eating disorders

I am on the schizo-spectrum. I also suffer from an eating disorder (a-typical anorexia, to be exact. Been suffering from different eating disorders for 6, almost 7 years).

How common is it for people on the schizo-spectrum to also suffer from an eating disorder?
Are you or have you suffered from an eating disorder besides being on the schizo-spectrum/being psychotic?

There is probably no links between schizo-spectrum disorders and eating disorders, but I am curious for why this happens anyway.

I wish to hell that was contagious. I could use some.

Oh, believe me, you do not wish that was contagious.

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I had an ED (bulimia, then anorexia, then ed-nos) for 18 years. Been in recovery for 4 years. I also have sz.

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You haven’t been yelled at by a cardiologist for being overweight as often as I have.

I have been eating disordered for 6 years and have been in recovery back and forth. I am currently in a relapse. How do you manage to stay on track with recovery from your eating disorder? You’re very strong!

I’m fat ass ■■■■ now and I still wouldn’t ever want to go back to that hell.

That’s like someone saying they wish sz was contagious so they could be creative. It’s ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■.

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I’ve never been overweight, so no, I guess I haven’t. But there are loads of healthy ways to lose weight. Eating disorders are just a matter of time before you die.

I stopped eating during my first episode. Idk how long but for awhile at least

Was it linked to anxiety about gaining weight?

Not arguing that, just saying that if I had a choice between fighting to lose weight or add weight, I’d choose the latter.

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No I don’t think so. I think it was more about wanting to look better.

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I think @LED got a bit angry because what you said was quite ignorant. I would not wish an eating disorder upon my worst enemy. It’s hell.

I have the other end of the eating disorder. I don’t ever feel full. I’m not sure what the clinical name for it is. Perpetual hunger. Had that before the SZ meds, which are rather like gasoline on a fire. It would be nice to not crave food.

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Anorexics DO crave food. Constantly.


Which is horrible.

If you eat a lot of carbs that will happen. Carbs digest fast and leave you hungrier

I’ve struggled with eating disorders since I was about twelve.

It was always pretty attached to my psychosis, but none of my doctors have told me whether or not that is common…

But now I’m interested.

One of the delusions I experience is a woman who is very critical of my body. She’s always told me I’m fat and questions everything I eat, and points out missed opportunities to be healthier. Which as I’m writing, doesn’t sound so bad, but she’s hateful.

As I’ve gotten older and more comfortable with my weight, she’s shifted to making comments about my aging. I mean shes still constantly talking about my weight, but with the addition of hitting all my insecurities about getting older.

Its brutal.


So, I’m not sure if it started as part of schizophrenic symptoms, but it evolved into it, if that makes sense.


She sounds abusive and you should tell her to gtfo

I’ve seen you. You’re stunningly beautiful

I completely understand. That must be very hard for you! The thing is, people with eating disorders don’t necessarily have to ever feel full either. It’s just a constant battle between your mind and your body. Your mind wants to starve your body (depending on what eating disorder you have) and your body crave food.

I hope you soon can take control over your food intake (in a healthy way). I can imagine how hard it must be to always crave food. Stay strong!

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