Extreme weight loss

in like august I got super sick and was unable to eat. it was 100% a physical thing, vs my mind… (an eating disorder). Since then I’ve lost a bunch of weight, I’m 5’3 and was approximately 160, now weighing 116 and I’ve been able to manage that (from 120-113) for a while, finally… I was going to doctor after doctor AFTER DOCTOR and nobody could ever figure out what was wrong with me. I finally gave up.
well I’m laying here in bed, thinkin. and it just crossed my mind if possibly it has anything to do with this??? can oncoming schizophrenia cause extreme weight loss?

I get pretty skinny during illness too. I dont eat for days. Try to get better and consume fruits. Most girls have eating disorders. The industry isn’t helping too. Eating well affects us a lot though.

depression can cause weight loss i know that

they tried making it an eating disorder but it’s not. and I know that. bc I hate that it happened. I was and am miserable from not eating, all I want to do is eat. I do like that I lost weight, but not 45 pounds! that sucks! I don’t understand it

Do you have schizophrenia?

yes I know that too, but the really weird thing is that I was depressed for as long as I could remember. very broken and sad. but I wasn’t when all this started, I had actually stopped taking my antidepressants a few months prior and was feeling really really good. I still had and have my off days but I don’t consider myself depressed anymore. so I’m not sure if I could blame that

I’ve not been diagnosed, although it runs in my family and I experience negative symptoms and have experienced positive ones twice within the last 2 months

are you unhealthy?

very. I am now anyway

are you eating enough? or just don’t feel like eating?

I wasn’t eating enough after I got sick. i had a really bad lack of appetite, just the thought of food made me want to puke. I’m good at from refraining from that… but every day is different. sometimes I feel ok to eat sometimes I do not. I’ve noticed it has nothing to do with my mood though

I was really skinny a few years ago, while psychotic I weighted 42kg=92 pounds, then the meds kicked it, I gained weight and weighted 132 pounds. Now I’m on a calorie control diet and I’m losing weight again. But anyway, I ate but somehow I kept losing weight. Then I stopped eating all together.

This med gave me a lot of hunger in the beggining, but now it doesn’t anymore.

I know somebody who has this problem. It’s quite serious and they’re trying to get to the bottom of it. She has to go to hospital for tests etc.

Please don’t give up on doctors, you need to get this sorted asap.

It’s nothing to do with schizophrenia.

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Hi. Before I was diagnosed I very skinny, but I think it was due to lots of stress and heavy drinking.

I hope you feel better soon. Take care.

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Do you have the money to see an eating disorders specialist? He or she might could help you.

I got mega skinny. I couldn’t sit still and had no desire to cook or seek out food until I was very very hungry.

… Even then sometimes.

no, but I have 0 understanding of how it could be an eating disorder when I don’t want to be this small, when I want to eat but can’t

I don’t quite understand. Do you have an eating disorder? Wouldn’t that explain the weight lost? I’ve known and seen and also lived with number of people with eating disorders. An untreated eating disorder is a frightening thing for both the person themselves and for people around them. Schizophrenia may cause an eating disorder but I don’t think it’s very common. It could be a contributing factor in getting one, i guess.

I don’t have an eating disorder… i don’t believe I’m fat or overweight, I was happy with how I looked when I got sick

weight loss does not predict oncoming schizophrenia.

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