Scared to go full time

I’ve got a great opportunity $10.50 an hour with full benefits and vacation after a year doing security at a major plant in my area.

I would have to come off of disability and I really want to invest my time and energy into a job.

But what if I’m not well enough? What if it’s very stressful? Should I just give it a try? I’m majorly looking for something to change my life.

I will have on site interview soon and then make the decision. I need to Be Licensed Too Nervous About that.

I’m excited right?


I think, with disability, you get 9 months of a trial work period. They have confusing rules about it. Try calling Social Security at 800-772-1213. I had to call them too, because there are earnings limits you can’t surpass. It’s quite confusing.


Yeah thanks I think it might be longer cuz I was reinstated after a year and half of work.

I’d love to think I won’t need to come back to it and I’m hoping for the best.

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Yeah in those first 9 months you can make all that you want without having your benefits taken away. You have to report your income. It’s a collective thing. Only months that surpass the limit count.

I don’t know about the rules after reinstatement, but I do believe reapproval is easier than first application.

I don’t know if earning limits vary from person to person, for me its right above a thousand bucks a month.

Getting into the social security office once a month just to report income sounds like a pain, but the social security folks seem to be a fan of using the mail so it’s probably possible to do it that way.


According to the person I spoke to, you may either walk in and report your earnings, or call the 800 number.

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I think you should go for it. All in all it is value added to you, financially you will feel the difference and your life will have a meaning and purpose. Go for it mate


I get paid every two weeks and Social Security has me mail in my pay stubs every month to them. They supply the self-addressed envelopes. I’ve been doing it for years.


OK nick I can do that. I’ll be over income though. But I can try to see what they say. Thanks for your input.

I’m looking forward to it. I hope everything progresses into higher achievement.

I don’t know for sure about this, but I think (maybe) that you can go off SSDI or SSI and try to support yourself and they will keep you on the rolls so that if you need it again than you can get it re-instated without having to go through the whole process of starting over and having to apply from the very beginning. You may not have to start from scratch again if you need benefits. They may be able to tell you this over the phone.

Also, everybody is right about a trial work period. I’ve had many of them over the years for many months at a time. After using my many months of work trial periods up, I now work part-time and I can still collect SSDI. I am allowed to earn up to a $1000 a month without it affecting my benefits.

Theoretically, I can do this forever unless I go over the $1000 limit even once. Then, theoretically my benefits could be taken away. BUT… my old boss told me that if it’s the employers fault that I go over (overtime, bonuses, back-pay etc.) than my employer can call SSDI personally and tell them it is the employers fault and SSDI will take that into account and not take my benefits away. I have worked since 1984 and I have tried supporting myself two times and failed. So I reapplied and got back on SSI and SSDI.


**Good luck-it is worth a try! :fireworks: **