SSDI work review


I got my SSDI today. It’s been 9 months since I reported I was going to work. I am out of town working until the 18th of this month. SSDI hasn’t sent me anything about a review in the mail yet so I am going to call them when this job ends and report my work activity

I have used 8 months of my 9 month trial work period so hopefully they keep my SSDI going. I have the option of coming back to this job in October and use my 9th month. I meet with the employment coordinator at the VA Voc Rehab office on May 30th. I am still trying to find a full time job but haven’t found one yet so I am going to try to stay on SSDI for now.

Has anyone else successfully come off of SSDI and gone back to work full time?

I am assuming you just have to tell them to stop your benefits if they aren’t going to bring me in for a review.


Yes, you’re supposed to report all changes.

Like getting a job, leaving a job, changes in income and more…


Could you read my thread, delusions?I’m freaking out sorry about thread jack I just scared


Ok. The job I have is a part time job but it’s onky for three months out of the year. I end the 2nd month of the year next week and don’t come back until October. So I don’t know if that counts as still having a job. Even if I work all of October I will have only have used my 9 months of trial work period up and then don’t go back to work until February.

So I think I should at least get my SSDI until next February according to my calculations if I keep working this job. I will see what they say when I talk to them in two weeks



For the 3 months that you work, are you working full time (8 hours per day and/or 40 hours per week)? If so, how is that going? If that’s good, mentally and physically, you can most likely work full time.

Keep in mind that you’re away from your family and living in a hotel. I couldn’t do that. If you get a regular full-time job all of the aforementioned stress won’t be there. All of this may help you decide if you can work full time.


Ya @HelenBack I was kind of figuring that. I am gone for 34 days at a time but I only really work 8 of those days full time and they are scattered in two groups of two and one group of four. The rest of the days I just go in and drink my coffee and attend a meeting and go back to my room. It’s really not too bad but my wife doesn’t like being home alone.

If it was 8 hours every day I don’t think I could do it.



Maybe it’s best to stop working to stay on SSDI, especially since your check is on the high end.

I get VA disability and SSDI. I, like you, would love to work, love to increase my monthly income. But I can’t. I guess things could be worse.


I called Social Security and they said I need to send them my pay stubs for every month I worked. So I guess I have to wait until next month when I have all my stubs.


I sent in my pay stubs from my aircraft mechanic job I had for 5 months. Social Security got them today and they called me. They needed my SSN to process it.

I am trying to get my pay stubs for the part time pilot job I did in California but I have been unable to access their online system as of yet. I have asked my HR contact for help but he hasn’t gotten back to me. I am going to have three more months of trial work from that.

I saw the employment coordinator at the VA Voc Rehab office today and she told me about a federal job fair next week and gave me some info on some webinars for federal employment.


Sounds like great news !!
That is my goal, if I make it through all the, to go federal… Good luck !!


Thanks. I think the government gave me schizophrenia. Maybe they will give me a job. They sure do pay me a lot of disability


Social Security sent me a packet in the mail today. I am going to go to the office tomorrow instead of making in all the stuff they want.

I wonder what they are going to say about my part time job. I only worked two months and made like $20,000. That’s $10,000 a month. If I could find a full time job with that workload that paid that I would take it but I haven’t been able to find one. I am going to go in person in case they have any questions.

My aircraft mechanic job only paid $15 an hour. I did that for 5 months.


I mailed in all my pay stubs. Social Security said I worked more than 9 months so my trial work period was all used up but they are going to continue my benefits they said because I am not working now and they said my earnings weren’t substantial. For 2 months I was making 400 bucks a day. I wonder what they consider substantial. I wanted to go back and work the month of October but now I can’t.

So no more working for me unles I find a really good job


My medical records must be really bad.

I get to keep my SSDI and they say I worked for 10 months. They are wrong it was only 8 but still they aren’t going to give me a medical review.

I had 10 days to do something but I wasn’t sure as to what so I called them this morning and they said that was for if I got a medical review ordered but they just said they didn’t order one and they find that I am still disabled.

Eventually I guess I will get reviewed.


I’m sorry you might get reviewed…I don’t work…can’t…good for you for being able to work sometimes.


I am not afraid of a review. I have been pretty sick and managed to work. Although I had to quit or got fired from several of them.

If they take my benefits I will just ask them for a job. I would gladly be a claims examiner. I am qualified for it.


My part time job just called me today. They want me to come back October 1st through the 24th. That’s an extra $8000 I am going to have to say no to. Plus $49 per day in per diem.

I told them I would let them know in a few days. Have to think of what I am going to say.


The basic rules for SSDI unless they’ve changed, as were explained to me is that depending on your SSDI benefits, you can typically earn around $1.1k per month gross from employment without it being considered gainful employment.

The 9 month trial period counts ALL work, whether part time or fulltime.

After 9 months, if you have a month where you have gainful employment, you will be taken off SSDI but can be reinstated either within 6 months or a year (I’m fuzzy on the details) no questions asked, but if you get SSDI benefits in a month that’s considered you having gainful employment, you owe those benefits back.

After that 6 months or a year, you have 2 extra years where they will fast track to try to get you back on SSDI if you come off of it, but you’re totally off, unlike that first time you have gainful employment, where they should (If my memory is right) put you right back on within the first 6 months of having gainful employment, no longer having it.

I studied this a lot because I was a manager for Sprint and wanted to keep working fulltime. They demoted me and most of the other managers at my call center because the program did not earn enough profits for the call center we worked for, and I had a complete mental collapse because of it.

Have never been able to work more than 20-25 hours a week, regardless of the job, since, without major symptom spikes and months of having to recover from what normies would consider “regular work”.

Keep in mind this is based off memory and I haven’t studied the rules since 2011 when I was a manager for Sprint through that particular call center. It might have changed.


This thing they sent me says I am in the extended period of eligibility and the maximum I can earn is $1180 per month.

I guess I will just tell them the truth about it. Maybe they will pay me $1180 every month or something.

Or they just hire someone else.


Good luck :slight_smile: I don’t know much, but the little bit I do know, I’m willing to share.