How do you report a new job to social security

I’m being paid on the books by check my 7.50 base salary plus my tips I get when they sign on the credit card. I also get cash tips. I figure if I work 18 hours and make $14-15 on average I’ll have I’ll make $1100 a month before taxes roughly which is ok on disability I think??

But have to report it to ssdi.

@TomCat just went through this with his job. He has a thread on this School and Work section Here, and I wanted to tag him here so he can answer directly to you.

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You can just call them. Anything over $800 or so counts as a trial work month. You get 9 of them.

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Eventually you will have to mail them your paystubs.

Idk how my friend keeps his disability then Because he works 24 hours probably on average making $14 an hour over the past 18 months and never has had a problem with ssdi trying to take his benefits. Honestly it seems fishy to me like he’s cheating the system a bit working sometimes 30 hours in a week in the past. But he has no issues

Social security has an app where you can report your earnings each month.


Some folks underreport their tips.


I’ve never had to report to them. Your employer is supposed to do that. As long as you don’t make over your prescribed amount, its fine. It’s usually between $800-$1000 per month that you can make depending on how long you worked full time.

That’s just wrong. You have to report all of your income. You can even do it online but I mailed mine in

Hey @Jonnybegood, there’s more to it then just a 9 month trial work period.

There’s also a 14 month work period so that you can work in addition to the initial 9 months.

I have to admit I’m a little rusty on my knowledge of SSDI. But basically I’ve been working for years and years and I still collect SSDI. After all these years of going on and off of SSDI and following their rules, my status with them is that I can earn up to about $1200 a month and still collect disability.

But if I go over even once, I’ll lose my benefits. I really don’t know all the rules but this is my experience.


I went over the nine months and mine is stopped. If I made about $1200 or so I would still get it but only for another 36 months. After the 9 months I got paid for 3 more months and then they stopped it but I make over the limit.

I don’t know anything about another 14 months.


The social security wage reporting app is newer. Hasnt been around that long and they like you to report your income this way.


Didn’t read the whole thread, but you can get double your SSDI check,

I did it for years, and never got in trouble. Plus, here, they never ask for proof,

only for Medicaid.

Another example not to take advice online…no one really knows. Just call social security or use google imo. Might have to call a couple times because even the workers don’t know 100% of the time. Maybe talk to a supervisor? :wink:

are you questioning me @insidemind. I’m completely correct.

Wasn’t targeted at you just the thread. I’ve struggled myself figuring out the whole work thing like if it’s even worth it. I get SSI not SSDI different rules.

Well yeah don’t trust the f=uc=ed up woman talking about mind control torture.

Geez, I’ve got half a brain left. thank you very much.

I can only make 1100 a month, working, and keep ssdi. I make more on ssdi.

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About like me. I tried to keep it at 250 a week, as my check is only one thousand a month.

Yes I agree its complicated and even social security’s employees dont even know all the rules.

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