Scared, Stalked, and Mentally Unwell

I have to learn to say no and refuse to be a part of people’s games and using. I had to drive home without GPS or a phone or money from somewhere in Virginia to my house hours away. I had to call my dad’s phone on someone else’s at a gas station so he would transfer money for gas when I ran out and was lost. I finally made it home. He’s worried about me.

These people are pill and weed junkies and I can’t get rid of them. I feel like I’m being stalked. His brother stole my iphone and won’t return it. I never get drunk with them but I didn’t take my medication for four or three days while I was house hopping with them. Then he drove my car drunk and recklessly speeding like 100 on the highway and 70 on back roads almost killing us a million times.

I’ve been trying to be someone’s friend, but I’d rather have no friends at all than horrible people.

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StarryNight… you are a talented writer who has books for sale. I wish you could find a writers group or friends who will support your writing. Not people who will drain you dry and screw you over states away from your home.

You can have friends, but you need to change your venue. Have you tried finding a writers guild in your area? An art college? A writers workshop?

It’s going to be hard to shake the bad friends. Once they figure they can bleed you dry they will come back and try again. I know it’s hard, but stand firm and don’t help them. They don’t want help, they want to take your money.

It took me a while to get free of my bad friends, but once I did, life got so much easier.

Stay strong, and good luck.


WHOA get your phone back and then ditch those ■■■■■■■■■■■■■. You’re better off isolated than with those people. Seriously find a new place to meet people if the people around you suck.


mate, you seriously have to dump people who use you.
your better than this.
find some friends who aren’t losers…
take care


Do these people come to your place and coax you to go out with them? I’d start locking doors, not letting anyone in, screening phone calls, and like others have said, start finding other places to go and others to hang out with, or else spend some alone time for awhile.

But i do know what it’s like. When I used to get high and cruise around drinking my 'friends" often dragged me to places i didn’t want to go, like a couple strip clubs… I don’t do strip clubs and sat there bored while the guys wasted their money. And I don’t even get any thrill looking at some stranger naked so it was pointless…
Then driven miles away to some houses, like you said, house hopping and partying, and I would get tired and want to pass out, even did fall asleep on a basement floor one time while my friends were playing pool…sometimes starving because they would go hours and hours just drinking and I needed to eat…
You could call cops about the phone but that can sometimes backfire and the people who stole it could retaliate in some way, or would probably call you a snitch…

Like you said, start saying no…don’t even take the first step to going with them because once you go that’s it.

Where do they live? :wink:

I’m glad you realize that you are better than that. F*** them forever.

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StarryNight, I believe this has been going on for awhile with you , unless I I have you confused with someone else. In my drug using days,waaaayyy back in the eighties I hung around the wrong crowd. We (yeah, me too) continually screwed each other over on a regular basis. For six months I had people who conned me, lied to me, stole from me, used me, intimidated me, humiliated me, cheated me, etc. It sounds like you’re going through the same hell I went through. I finally escaped the madness (the lifestyle) by doing three things: .

1 : I stopped SEEKING THEM OUT.

2 : I physically moved away to another city.

And MOST importantly, # 3 : I quit drinking and doing all drugs.
That got rid of the people who were bad for me… Once I quit doing drugs my life blossomed exponentially. I was living in a Board & Care home but I got a part-time job. I went back to college. I started attending 5 or 6 AA, CA, or NA, meetings week. I got a friend. I visited my family almost every weekend and hung out with them and their friends. Everybody I hung around did not do drugs.To this day, i will not have a friend who does drugs. I just cannot risk being exposed to drugs and tempted by them. Anyway, I forgot to add that I didn’t have a car so I was taking the bus everywhere. I’m not saying all my problems magically disappeared, but for 5 years I led a good life. I know when you are in the middle of situations like you’re in it seems hard to get out. But it’s not impossible.


I did that. But my case I got married and moved. I did however go back to my old town and go camping with some of the old crowd. they had quit the Coke and acid, but still smoked weed. I did drink with them, and at the time i only drank maybe once a month or less…usually on outings like that.
they tried to get me to smoke weed with them more than once but I said NO and did not smoke it. Wasn’t hard to say no, AND I had also been drinking several beers, so I was doing pretty well to say no at that point.

I won’t have a close friend 3D that does drugs.

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You sought them out. Big mistake.

Eh, in my case it wasn’t so bad…I didn’t fall for the weed. I was normally drinking when i would go on a camping trip anyways. The only scary time was the first time when my friend drove us all from his house to the campsite about a half hour away. We left at 4 am because everyone decided not to camp…then he drove the wrong way down into another state about 30 miles on back roads…similar to what happened with StarryNight but not anywhere near as far…then he figured out the way back to the route home…so after that I drove my car and would not drive after drinking…
I only did that one year back in 1990, after that I would go camping with my wifes family or by myself on camping/fishing trips…I realized the old friends and I had parted ways, and I wasn’t going to get involved in their lifestyle any more.

Well I do have a friend whose a writer. He’s writing about the past year too. He also thinks I should stay away from these junkies but he recently started smoking weed. He almost got robbed in my car by trying to get someone pills. So it’s like everyone’s doing it! I have one friend who doesn’t do any of that stuff, but we were dating and our relationship got complicated.

I drove for four hours on interstate and highways and I’m not used to that. I had to stop and ask directions like twice. It was crazy. I’ve never been that lost and far from home. I am surprised I made it back in one piece.

The main reason I was with these junkie people was to get my phone back and try to be a friend.
I drove him to work and he’s like ok just find your way home. I never got my iphone back but my dad surprised me this morning because he got a deal on a replacement iphone!!

I feel like writing again too. I’m back to myself and I’m still struggling. Like last night I thought how crazy it was to think I was Mary Magdalene, and then I had a dream where people told me I was Mary Magdalene. My dreams have been strange. They involve time travel and driving.

Actually, that would be a cool story too. Driving through time. As a female hanging with other strong females in time. Getting their perspective of being a strong woman in a mans world. I’d read that.

I’m glad you weren’t kidnapped, beaten up, car jacked, crashed, and all the other dangerous and scary stuff that happens to people alone in back hills neighborhoods.

Please start thinking of your own safety before you try and take on druggie’s who don’t care. I’ve been trying for ages to get my sis to do the same thing. I think it finally sank in for her.

I’m glad you got the Iphone thing straightened out before you ended up with an identity theft problem.

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wow yes. My dreams are great inspiration for books. The dream was cool. I saw Earth as a crystal suspended on a plate of black glass, and I was under the impression that Earth is a precious gem to the God who takes care of it. I also was visiting a person who told me that if you drink this substance it will take you backwards but not forwards. I kept wanting to go forwards. so I said I wanted to go back 400 years, but they told me I would be in the Ice Age of course I didn’t know what year it was in the dream I kept hearing 2004.

I have been discussing time travel with someone too…scientists are starting to be able to control time, just in little increments, but it is working.

As far as thinking you are Mary Magdalene, it’s possible you are a descendant of Mary M and what is surfacing are ancestral memories of this.

I had some visions once that I was a temple apprentice in ancient Egypt. then a few years later when I did ancestral research found out both my Scottish clan and native tribe have ancestry in Egypt, and many people in them followed mystical paths. So I believe it was an ancestral or genetic memory…

How about taking a break from people for awhile and just spending time writing and fellowshiping on the internet? It’s probably easy for me to say because i do that anyways, LOL…though it is nice to have at least 1 3D person in your life.

PS: the ice age wasn’t 400 years ago but I had a similar dream where I was already back in some time and someone said if I went back 200 years I’d be in a certain age that was really a thousand years ago…

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That’s what I think. Mary M is rumored to have had a child. I have ancestors in France, Ireland, and Italy. My mom used to say I’m related to Shakespeare. Perhaps the religious sector. I have had memories of being in Ireland where the feminine statues were being removed due to a religious man trying to control everything. The memories match up to real people I’ve later realized. Plus, I’m very spiritual in the feminine. I’ve heard spirits or ghosts in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I’ve been attacked by dark spirits and was able to fight back. I’m on the side of the light and good prophets. It’s very complex and I can’t explain it all. Just sometimes time slips and I can see beyond it.

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@ StarryNight.

France and Ireland? Yeah, then most likely. Besides, just by talking to me for awhile now, also most likely, since it seems those of that lineage tend to gravitate my way for some reason.
have you done any research on specific families you came from in those countries? Even a general name or clan can usually be traced to a specific origin.
Any connection with the Tuatha D’Anu (Tuatha Dannan) Faerie race of Ireland and Scotland?
Mary M was most likely a descendant of the Watchers (Anunnaki)…Jesus cast out 7 evil spirits from her that are rumored to have been bad spirits attached from the past Anunnaki that messed up and did things they weren’t supposed to do. That wouldn’t alter her genetics however.
Forget those who say the entire bloodline is bad…that is disinformation. bad only if generational spirits are attached. get rid of those, if they are there and everythings cool…
You do deal with being able to fight back against the bad spirits, and I assume you prevail? That’s just a given for anyone with this ancestry.

generousity and kindness can get used for our weakness and some are quick to take advantage of that. I have similar issues.