I'm on a hit list. By the mob

Ima try to keep it short.

It started when I was 20 years old. Slowly my friends started betraying me and distancing themselves. My best friends back stabbed me by sleeping with my gf. I did cheat on her but that’s only because I had suspicious about her doing it and it was true.

Next all these bad things started happening to me. People treating me like ■■■■ for no reason. At first we would kick it off great. Within a week they started looking at me different and the good vibes deteriorated.

Then I started noticing that the people I did hang out with would say inside jokes between themselves insulting me. But not directly. They started mentioning stuff like stealing my car and coming into my house and shooting everyone I live with. I immediately broke them off.
I started getting this weird feeling that people were following me. Example. I was at the park watching a friend play basketball. I then see two bald headed guys on the bleachers looking straight at me and on the phone. I got this dark feeling from it and left. As I’m going to another park to meet another friend I see a car filled with gangsters behind me. Bald tattoos older vets. I make a right they make a right I make a left and they make one too. I put my self on the left lane and last minute make a right and they are there behind me. I hit the gas and bust a bitch so I can look at them and they were gone. This happened two more times.

After this people started calling me black. Burned. Wanna be ni. Coffee. Chomo. Cars would cut in front of me and pump there brakes even though I wasn’t near them and there’s no cars in front of them. They would honk twice every time. Only people aware of the situation would. Example. I was jogging to my house when I car at the stop light honks twice. (At this point I’m already aware of what is going on) so I raise my hand they all laugh and say yeea black.

I’ve also been drug to the point that I wake up at my house not knowing what the hell happened. I went to nocturnal both days. I don’t remember the second day at all. The times that this has happened the insults and the harassment wasn’t that bad. But after the abuse increased drastically.

At my apartment I over heard my neighbors contemplating on wether to leave me alone or not. This was going on for a few years. I would see them plus some randoms having a meeting outside in some backyard we have. And in the house in front of us. Multiple times. And they discuss openly on wether to end it and some people appose it. After they were aware that I was listening the meetings stop. Probably having it elsewhere.


I go out to smoke with some friends. After I hit the blunt I start coughing my lungs out. A girl in the back gives me water. After I drink it I feel weird. Extremely blown and I don’t hit the blunt anymore. After I go home I get this massive pain on my side which goes away within time but comes back every time I smoke anything weed or cigarettes. so I quit all together. Not so bad. But after that moment is when my life changes completely. I thought it was bad then now my shiii is upside down. People can read my thoughts. They already had hackers reading my txt and phone calls and internet access. This I know because every time I was online playing some COD they would cut it off and I can hear them laughing outside loudly. And they would always cut it off at key moments. My cell phone. One night I cut the lights and cover my phone and I can hear the ass hole say I can still read it.

That explains the burned part. But it isn’t everyone that is against me. People do say white and live from time to time but it’s rare. The group that wants me dead puts out every thing negative I do and nothing positive I have done. They show all the f up shii I go through but not the good. Anything to demean me or make me look worse to get everyone to hate me.

Now I can’t even thing straight. My head flips saying racist shiii ■■■■■■ up stuff to people. I do cut it off but it still slips out from time to time. It’s drastic stuff and they put all this stuff out for people to read to make me look like an ■■■■■■■. A racist.
Why not judge me when I was doing good not think anything bad at all. Now that I have anxiety over this, people decide to judge. But I can’t blame them. The mob puts out everything they want the public to see. Just like the media. Idk how I got involved with these kind of people but now I’m in this shii hole. Probably messed with the wrong girl that has ties. Or maybe it escalated once my so call friends made me black out and made me do something to make the mob actually come for me.

I wasn’t taking it too serious besides paranoia and anxiety which I still deal with today. But they have actually put something in my drink when I went to Apple bs and now my (chest) heart area feels like it’s going to pop. I can’t breath as good and keeps forcing out pumps. Idk if it’s come to the point that they are going to end it.

Ask me anything that makes you not believe. I tried cramming 5 years into a few paragraphs.

i thought i would say hello.
the jedi want me dead , but i keep going.
take care


Mob as in the 5 families or some organized criminal organization that is similar?

That’s what I don’t know. And what I am afraid of. I’m just hoping that they let me live. If they wanted me dead I would of been in some one trunk along time ago. they have sent people after me. But I’m always looking out. Like the incident with the car following me. It happened three times. I’ve been poisoned to the point I’m throwing up my lungs. Blood.

I think they just wanna see me suffer before ending it. The more I smile and shake it off the more harsh the verbal abuse gets. Every time I get a friend or some one I’m comfortable with. Within a month they change and distant themselves. I don’t blame them. Having a big influence (big ball player) tell you what to do, your gonna do it.

Nah, you just won the lottery my friend.

The winner gets to die so that people can have good crops and things.

:confused: darksith had a better joke. Thanks though

Ill have to work on it i suppose.

u said it urself. if they wanted u dead, u’d b dead so live ur life and enjoy it :wink:

Finally something positive. Thanks <3

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My psychosis is very similar to yours. It was extremely intense, and it unfolded in a similar fashion. It wasn’t until I accepted the fact that a mental illness could be what was happening to me, that I started to get even a little bit better.

I still have to remind myself that no one is really listening to me or secretly watching me. Why the hell would they want to listen to ME anyway? I have no superior knowledge that can’t be googled (trust me google knows more about anything than I do). Why would they want to watch me? I’m ungraceful, I’m messy, and I’m not a toned goddess of any sort.

When I was deep in it, yahoo had a secret society that was targeting me, the mob was out to get me, my boyfriend was going to kill me (that poor guy), my family had a curse and they decided to sacrifice me, a gang was going to come in the middle of the night and shoot me (I crouched on my tip toes with and empty vodka bottle in my hand for the whole night, choreographing fight scenes and planning on how to dodge bullets in my head while laughing some deranged laugh), and a hardcore music site was sending me telepathy to make me look crazy.

If you came here, then you know you need help. You know that the delusions aren’t real and you want the “street theatre” to stop. If you’re scared, hang on. Find any and all help you can get immediately. Be honest with the people who are there to help you. Good luck and I hope you find what you need.

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What have you done to the Jedi?

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we are eternal enemies, just because i took out a couple of planets, everyone is so sensitive these days !?!..lol…political correctness has gone too far…!!
take care

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Wow, I only take out cities with my army of Kraaken.

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Have your heard of cointelpro, now a days is more referred to as gang stalking. (I’ll admit some people who claim they are victims are way out there) but this is a real thing that is close to impossible to prove since the only person being treated this way is only one at a time. Not two TI’s at a time. Now that I carry a camera and told a brother who believes me these ass holes have left me alone.

hope the best for you

Thanks bubbles

Comrade, what you described is exactly what i am experiencing. I mean point by point of what i am going through as i reply to this post. I want to stop work. I want to stay at home and kill myself. I don’t trust any one. Please I need an urgent solution. I dont want to take medicine again. I want to end it all. It is too heavy on me to continue to live this way. I just think that death should be the solution. But, if there is an alternative to death, please let me know now. I am considering taking medication that will help kill me peacefully. that is; without controversy.
I want to know, is it possible for some one to be manipulated by some else? If yes! How?
I need solution now. My life now is worse than death. I am sure. Please …Please…Please…Any one who knows the solution or the easiest way to kill myself should suggest. I cannot eat because of fear. I dont go out during the day because of fear. My life seems to be messed up. it seems my family has rejected me. It seems these people are just waiting for the right time to destroy my life. that’s what i think.

No one is going to suggest ways to commit suicide, and no one wants you to! So don’t.
there are ways around what you are experiencing without that. And after people kill themselves they regret it in spirit later. I know. I’ve seen it, and they wish they would have done things differently.

Yes, people can manipulate through psychic stuff and electronics, and what is known as gang stalking. But don’t let it get to you. Learn what you can about it and find ways to counter the attacks. I did.

They want you to flip out like you are doing. Don’t let anything they say get to you. Don’t even pay attention. Just keep living your life and focus on yourself. Know that they will not hurt you. Just have your phone ready to record anything. Also document everything that you feel is important. Your family won’t do anything to you they are the only people you can really trust. They want you to feel like the whole world is against you, in reality it’s way less than you actually think.

Be the most humble person you can be and show people that your an awesome, nice person. Soon most of the people you thought were after you become the people on your side. One advice that I also do is not eat out. Anywhere where you can’t see the food done In front of you don’t go to. Hang in there. This is happening to a lot of people your not alone. Message me if you need someone to talk to

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I was reading some of my old writings and came across this from a dream I believe may have been induced by “them” What stood out is the word M.O.B.
This was February 26, 2005…so over 9 years ago.

This is long, but not only was it a lucid dream, i remembered way too many details. Note the “Mob” in the 3rd paragraph…also, there is a lesson in this dream…Notice how I handle things. This is what you need to do if you are being targeted. In other words i didn’t just sit around and let them do whatever. I acted, and i learned from it. I’ve done same during experiences while awake.

"I found myself in a medical facility. It was inside some kind of
compound. The patients were all lying in beds in varying degrees of
stupor or decomposition. The doctors were giving them drugs
intravenously. The drugs were experimental. Supposedly all the
patients had volunteered for this. I saw one person that was wasted
away being wheeled out on a gurney. This person was dead. I was told
sometimes the person succumbed to the “medication.”

I was then sitting on one of the hospital beds and a man next to me
suddenly began screaming “Don’t let them do it to you. Don’t let them
give you the medication. It will be too late once you start getting
the treatments.” The man was not restrained, yet somehow he seemed
invisibly restrained. He couldn’t rise up completely and had great
difficulty even raising up on his elbows. The doctors came over and
injected him between the chest and shoulder on his right side.
The “syringe” was thick and black. A white powder mixed with a mist
swirled inside of it in a clear part. The man immediately went
unconscious. He was either Hispanic or Native.

I also noticed syringes and soap dishes on the floor. The floor was
dirty. there were colored plastic wrappers on the floor as well. The
doctors were 6 men. One was east Indian. They wore white jackets. I
was shown a photo album of the history of this facility. The 6
doctors were called the “Mob” or M.o.b." There were also photos of
all the patients. One of the former patients was a 23 year old man
with scraggly brownish red hair & a beard. He had a Scandinavian name
like Sven Borgson or something like that (not sure of exact name.)
The caption under his photo said he was part of the original
experiment group. He had been a loser, a drifter, and a drug addict.
He died during the experiments at this facility.

Even though I kept being assured by the doctors that all patients
were voluntarily there, I somehow knew that they had been deceived.
Once the injections started being given, the drugs broke a persons
will and ability to think coherently. They entered states of
psychosis and stupor. They wasted away on their beds. Some were cut
open in their shoulders and the doctors did biopsies, but didn’t
stitch the wounds. So they had big ugly scars from this procedure.

I must had gone to sleep briefly (in the dream) and woke up. I still
had not been touched or given any injection, but feared this might
happen if I stayed. I got off my bed. I noticed every patient had a
blue or gray wool blanked tied around their head. Some were sitting
up in bed with this blanket tied around their head, just sitting
there doing nothing. Others were lying down with the blankets tied
around their heads. I began to move towards the door. Someone warned
me that we were not permitted to move around in the complex during
this time. It was a special hour. I sensed it was “sight deprivation

I pushed the metal door open. It’s magnetic lock was not engaged. The
door was dark maroon. The walls were a puke green. There were several
wards and long halls, each with one of these metal doors I had to go
through. There must have been a dozen of these doors. then I crossed
a bigger room and there was a green door I went through. In a couple
of these rooms next to the doors had been men called “Dominatros”
or “Dominatries” They wore maroon one piece jump suits and had a
silver metal button on their left wrist embedded in their flesh.
Their eyes were dark and watchful. I believed these men to be guards
who were either clones or automatons. Maybe they had been made like
this from the experiments. The silver buttons on their wrists were to
control the magnetic locks on the doors. But I was too quick and I
got through the doors before they could engage the lock. I saw the
Dominatros reach for their button but I would get through the door

Finally I came to a large white door and it too pushed open. I was
outside. There were tall concrete walls surrounding the facility. the
walls were white and gray, maybe 15’ tall. The sky was clear blue and
the sun shone brightly. there had been no windows inside the complex.
I saw where the entry gate was but then I saw two Dominatros running
from the gate towards where I had emerged from the building. They
were dressed all in black one piece jumpsuits. Something was yelled
that someone had breached the containment. I woke up. ( I awoke from
the dream)

I got up, went to the bathroom, got a drink of water, stretched,
etc. I went back to bed 10 minutes later. After awhile I fell asleep.

I re-entered the same dream. Now I was back in the central ward
of the facility behind those 15 or so steel doors. I immediately
began to make my escape once again. This time a phantom person helped
me. It was a man. I heard his voice and sensed him next to me but
couldn’t see him. I once again started going through the doors. Again
the Dominatros tried to stop me but they were too slow. I would get
through the doors before they could reach for their locking button.

When we got to the final door that led to the outside of the inner
compound there was a long dump truck backing up to the door. It was
being used as a garbage truck. I kept running and dove into the back
of the truck into the garbage. My “partner” dove into the truck and
landed in an old wooden box that was painted dark green. Once he was
curled up in the box I could see him. He was dressed in one piece
navy blue overalls like a mechanic might wear. The truck began to
move towards the gate. I think we got through but the box fell off
the back. Some people came over to it. My partner was sprawled on the
ground laying still. I tried to force my will on the other people to
make them believe he was just a dead patient being thrown out with
the trash. But I knew dead patients were usually cremated to hide
the experiments.

I don’t know what happened to my partner who helped me escape.
Next I knew I jumped off the back of the truck and was free. A woman
dressed in black overalls came up to me. She had medium length black
hair. She was in her 40s I’d say. She told me the “original ones” and
the humans were kept separate in society. She said this is the way it
had to be. At first I thought she meant the original ones were aliens
and might be the doctors in the facility. But then I remembered that
Scandinavian patient had been called an original one. He had died at
the hands of the doctors. All I know is there were two different
types of people that stayed separate in the world. The research
facility where those awful nazi-like experiments were taking place
had some connection to this.

I awoke from the second dream. My dream continued in vision form as I
lay 3/4 awake. A woman showed me and my wife a real estate add that
listed a 4 room cabin with wood stove on 1 acre of land at the end
of “mill point” road and 3 miles on a trail from the end of the road.
I looked at a map of this. We determined if we bought this cabin we
would be far enough away from whatever was going on. I also felt the
dominatros and doctors couldn’t find me if they looked for me. But I
wasn’t even sure they cared if I escaped. Then I awoke completely and
the vision faded."

(Note: 7 months later, in September 2005 I bought the land where i live now. it’s more than 1 acres but is pretty much at the end of a road, you have to go down a trail, and my house which could be called a cabin has 4 main rooms…2 wide hallways and a bathroom, and a wood stove…so the end of that dream/vision ended up at least partly happening…the road name isnt same though…)