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In my experience, watching two kids is much harder than watching one. Watching three kids is about the same as watching two, sometimes easier because they can entertain each other. But that’s just me.


I think I’ll finally be able to sleep now. Thank you forum for existing :wink:


I am so thankful for two reasons. I got my rent credit refund just now and my neighbors were kind enough to put my garbage to the road. I was moving pretty pokey i guess. Lol



I just had a few cheese cubes and blueberries. Mmmm


I don’t want to be awake anymore, but it’s too early to go to bed. Not to mention I have to let the goulash I made tonight cool for a while before I put it in the fridge. I’ve been awake for less than twelve hours, but I just want to escape through sleep. I suppose I can endure another couple hours.


I think I’m going to stop eating and live off of coffee and tea. Food really isn’t appealing


I feel so useless lately. I’m sorry I’m being so selfish. I know I’m all in my head and not really giving anyone else attention. I promise I’ll try harder.


That sounds like an awful idea. You’ve got to eat. What about smoothies?


I thought about that but it doesn’t sit well


You’re not being selfish. This is a support site. It exists so you can get support when you’re struggling. Thank you for using this site for its intended purpose. If nobody came here for support, it would be pretty pointless.


What about meal replacement shakes? At least then you’ll still get some nutrition.


I’ve got a few slim fast drinks


I suppose you’re right. I just don’t like feeling needy even though I really am right now.


Arlbar have you tried baby food pouches? I keep them handy for when I can’t handle real food. They’re loaded with real fruits and veggies, and they taste great! I don’t recommend living off them, but they can help get your blood sugar high enough to start thinking rationally again.


I don’t like feeling needy, either. In therapy I learned that this is because I was mocked as a child whenever I cried or got upset. So I now associate expressing pain with feeling ashamed. I don’t know if it was similar for you.


It is. I always got in trouble for crying or not being able to do things myself.


I will check it out


Part of my therapy homework was to identify times when I feel ashamed and talk about them with a trusted, supportive person. Because shame thrives on silence and can’t survive when you talk about it.


It’s not so much shame as just embarrassment. For not being normal. Not being able to tough it out on my own. Needing to ask people for help. That’s the big one. Asking for help. I’m awful at it.


In therapy we learned about the difference between shame and guilt. Guilt is when you feel bad and upset because of something you did, and it can be healthy or unhealthy, depending on your response to it. Shame is when you feel bad and upset because of who you are, or because you believe your actions mean you’re a bad person with less value than “good” people. We didn’t go over embarassment, so idk how it fits in here. Maybe embarassment is the reaction to the feeling?