Say Anything XC 🌵


Made me lol😎!!!


I don’t feel good today. Just something vaguely wrong but I don’t know what. Really annoying.


I hate when I feel bad but I don’t know why. Is horrible

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Yeah. Like, if I knew why I could do something about it. But I just generally feel very blah today. Minor headache, body aches, anxiety, just very blah.


My room is hot but I can’t open the window because outside noises from windows are not good for me

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mom sent me on a wild goose hunt for cottage cheese and sierra nevada beer. she is having a get together with friends tomorrow. it annoys me when she sends me to town for some reason. anyways they only had the cottage cheese, but none of the beer at the grocery store. she is going to have to drive to a neighboring town tomorrow for that. also at the grocery they were giving out free milk for some reason. i didn’t grab any because they have plenty of milk right now. personally, i don’t drink milk.


Went out on a day hike today, here are some pics.


Finally, I can post in Say Anything again!

I have OCD problems with posting in a thread with the crap emoji.


i was initially surprised by how scenic the english countryside is when i saw your pictures. i didnt expect that, i thought it would be a crowded country.

nice pics.


Cacti are still in style. I have this one on my wall.


I’ve been feeling great lately! My voices have been nice (also easily ignorable) and command-free since I got the Wellbutrin out of my system and switched to Cymbalta at the suggestion of my psychiatrist. It was so hard for a couple months there, unbearable even. When I go this long without any mean voices I feel almost healthy again. I could study and take tests if this stayed steady.


drinking when feeling like ■■■■, now feel even worse, i am a disturbed person tired of everything, strong need to escape but cant, my own thoughts are even worse than reality but i cant force to think positive like most

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so i think i will have less birds in the yard now that the tree guys cut down the trees they nest in. a little sad about that, i like to watch them, but they poop all over my porch.


Hah! Looks like those wealthy cabin owners whom dad and I worked for yesterday don’t need anymore of our help. Dad thinks it’s because of our hourly rates. Good! ■■■■ em! We don’t do ■■■■ for nothing. Anywho I have a hustle lined up for Friday to help dad clean a cabin.

Dad’s girlfriend is making a spaghetti squash dinner tonight. I don’t ever recall trying spaghetti squash so we’ll see.

Doggy and kitties are well. Just fed Charlie and gave Ollie some attention outside.

Dad has some people coming to possibly buy this crappy looking welder he’s had sitting in his garage. Wouldn’t be surprised if they laugh and leave.

My mood isn’t the best today. Dad wanted to go fishing with my niece and nephew but I declined to go along. Just gonna stick around here. Maybe after supper go sit outside for a cigar.

Hope y’all are well.



Hello Skunky! I missed you during the last several days of Say Anything which I abstained from :open_mouth:

Sorry to hear things aren’t as great as they could be. I’m having a great day, wish I could share it!


Hi Agent. Aww! Thank you for your kindness. I’ll be okay though. Maybe I just need to eat something.

Glad to hear you are doing well. Sometimes feeling good is good enough. Enjoy your day.



I painted my nails lavender after the navy started to chip.

I feel really good about taking care of my nails as of recent and it’s super helped me to stop picking at them.

It’s kept me from picking my scalp too.

Which I’m proud of.


Hello ole Chaps! :smiley:

I just woke up from a nap. I had a tasty generic Mountain Dew, and fed Jimmy his tuna snack.

A buddy of mine gave me a few free DVD’s, so I might watch one of those later tonight.

I hope you all are rockin in the free world. :rainbow_flag: :blush:


I’m about to watch the first Dead Rising movie tonight. It’s loosely based on the games, and the blu-ray double pack of it and its sequel were Region 2 and wouldn’t play on my xbox :frowning:

The only correct-region discs I could find of them were DVD, no Blu-Ray, but that’s good enough for me :slight_smile:

Seen any good zombie movies lately?