Say anything part LXXXIX 💩

I thiink Pedro27 made the first say anything.


I just got off the phone with the lady at the local community mental health center who did my intake yesterday. I have my first appt with my new psychiatrist this Friday. They got me in quickly.


Just got back from getting my shot.

I feel relieved.

I was really starting to feel bad.

Sometimes I think I should get the shot every three weeks,

But I’m afraid of being overmedicated feeling.

Got lots of cleaning to do today,

I hope I have the motivation to do it.


Lost 3 pvp games in a row. I did well. My random team sucked. Too bad no new armor yet.

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I think math is one of the most versatile majors out there. Applied math might be better. The skills you gain are unprecedented. It’s really hard though. I enjoy the hardest classes. I rather get a C in a hard class than an A in an easy class I think.

With math, you can do a lot of things like finance and programming. I think engineering is better if you want focused skills though. I keep flip flopping.


Yaaaaay! I’m so happy you’re feeling better. :slight_smile:

My mom bought me a twelve pack of generic mountain dew. Cheers to better days!



I haven’t had a soda in forever,

But I crave them all the time.

I guess you’re set for a little while, soda wise.

How’s your book?


Yeah, I try to only have one soda a day in the evening as a little treat. So I totally understand craving them.

Oh I started that Ingmar Bergman book last night, and it’s amazing! :slight_smile:

He quotes from some of his own journals during the time periods of some of the films he discusses.

Very insightful! I’m only on page 45 but I’m really digging the book so far.


I had to feed the animals in the rain. I don’t mind though. It’s kinda fun.


i still have some of the songs stuck in my head that the neighbors were blaring early in the morning saturday night/sunday morning. they were playing this rap song, i’d never heard, with lyrics, let me see those hips swing. or something like that, it was so loud. i imagined a bunch of drunk white people dancing in the garage but can’t confirm that.


I’ve got “I got friends in low places” stuck in my head right now.


haha im surprised they didn’t play that as well. it seemed like they would play 3 or 4 hip hop songs, then a country song about drinking whiskey. it was a weird mix of music, with a handful of rock songs mixed in.

they had an accoustic guitarist amped up until 11pm, and i sat outside and enjoyed that. he played until 11pm, and i thought it was over, but then they started blaring their speakers for the whole neighborhood to hear. mom and dad slept through it all. but i couldnt sleep.


at one point i thought i heard one of their neighbors yell. " i moved here so i could get some peace" . the music went on till 330-4am, but the cops never showed up and shut them down. i couldn’t have been the only one who was pissed about it.


Today I got my last whataburger for breakfast. My healthy diet starts now!! I designed it to be very simple meals that require minimal to no preparation. Breakfast=high fiber cereal and boiled eggs and fruit or a high fiber bagel and boiled eggs and fruit, lunch=frozen high fiber burrito and fruit or veggies, dinner=high fiber tortellini/ravioli and veggies.

The point was to replace all processed carbs with whole grain high fiber and add fruits and veggies to my diet which I often neglect. All the meals are very balanced and include healthy carbs, protein, and a fruit or vegetable as recommended. The longest they take to make is 10 minutes and it basically just consists of tossing it in a pot of boiling water and leaving it until its done. In addition it is all food I like so I will not be fighting myself to eat any of it.

Literally can’t go wrong here.


I was messing with trying to make Ellis water and managed to reduce the ORP of distilled water by boiling it under an ice bath, for rapid heating cooling cycles. ORP went from 300 to -300 after little over 20 mins of boiling before the contraption failed. So the properties change.

Next I’ll try just boiling and see if ORP drops.


Highlight of my day, it’s fentanyl patch change day. Other than that, nothing. Hubby’s grabbing my xanax and zyrtec on his way home after work tomorrow. The national guard came into his prison today and did Covid tests we have to wait 7 days for “rapid” results. He’ll get a result in mail and then notify work. So stupid, but the ■■■■■ I was worried about because she had her bars open to capacity during quarantine and had positive family come stay for a week…I’m glad she’s moved to a high security prison 1 1/2 hours away, but she dumped her kids with the husband she is filling out divorce papers for and moved in with her girlfriend. This is her 4th husband in 15 years, her oldest girls talk ■■■■ at the school they go to with my kid, but none of them know each other. I have screenshots from facebook of her posts that I anonymously turned into my therapist who is mandated reporter for health and CPS, this includes her posting pics of all this, plus pics of her driving to work in uniform drinking from a booze bottle. So my therapist did her end, my name is out of it, but holy ■■■■ she is a ■■■■ person.

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Hi Loke…

I’m ok now, after being depressed.
It’s ok.
Thank you ! :slight_smile:

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Feel really hungover today. Need to tidy my room. How’s everyone?

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