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so, i had missed the deadline for academic scholarships at the college ill be attending. sad because i was eligible for one based on my gpa/act. i was checking my financial aid today though, and noticed it went from 5000 offered (in loans) up to over 10000 and turns out, theyre giving me the academic scholarship anyway!


That’s such good news!


I went to a public school and I stressed out about the loans. I could barely afford it.


Sorry to disappoint everyone but I’m starting to think I do not want this job. Idk if it’s me or the job!!! :frowning: I think clerical work is not for me. They make me do all these errands no one likes and they say things will only get more stressful as I learn more. I am starting substitute teaching in a few months and I thought I could at least keep this job till then … But I am not sure I want to work another day. I feel like a looser.



Things may happen.


Anyone think its funny that the simulation argument is only popular because of famous people like Elon Musk? Schizophrenics and philosophers have been saying this for years. Same thing with microchips in the brain or in the body. We predicted this stuff. Some Christians think this is the mark of the beast. I don’t know…


Before Elon Musk it was The Matrix.

Before the Matrix there was this book


I am going to enter the titan games.

I can do this
I can win
I feel great


I’m out of vape juice, the store is closed, and I can’t buy any until tomorrow afternoon. It’s gonna be a long night, and tomorrow is gonna feel looooong. sigh

I tried asking in the local fb group if anyone had any they could spare, but if I get any replies, it’s probably going to be from people who live in the middle of nowhere. It always is…


I took my iron supplement super early this morning to avoid dizziness later in the morning.

HA HA Body! I win! :grinning:


Trying to think…is doing high kicks considered a flexibility exercise? If so would anything else be like that and would that fall into a category with a name?



Is it wrong of me to feel sad and irritable at the mere thought of having to go without nicotine for a day?
I feel like such a baby for acting this way.
I mean, it’s just nicotine. It shouldn’t be a big deal.
But it is. And I can’t buy cigarettes, or the friend who gave me the vape will take it back. That was the deal.

Nobody on fb seems to have any, I’ve asked in several fb groups. ARGH!
It’s going to be a long night at this pace. I should just take some seroquel and sleep it all away, but I don’t want to abuse it like that.

What do I do?


maybe coffee all day… helps me satisfy my addictive personality.


this sitting around all winter is not good for me. I’m looking at savannah ga as my winter retreat, ill rent to start, maybe someday I can own a condo.

seasonal works suit me. my first few years at the golf course should go well as they wont want me year round…I can probably work seasonally until I retire really, ill just have to find a side income stream.

I wont be on here very much in the spring and summer, as I like to spend more time outdoors


Just want to say that I didn’t quit yet. I had no filing today and it is all data entry. I have a problem with physical activity so this job is much better for me. And it’s a big project, I won’t finishe till next week! Yay it is easy! I can sit down and take my time. Anxiety is down. I think data entry is a easy job for people with sz!


Starting to like bing more than google…lol. We’re not showing up on google search results but we show up on yahoo and bing.


Vacuuming is so daunting. I don’t feel like I can get over that hump to actually get it done, but I really have to do it.


Maybe go plug in the vacuum and put it in the middle of the floor.

It’ll be in the way and a constant reminder.

You’ll do it, then you’ll feel so accomplished…



I am so tired of racists and bigots.

It is bad enough that they get validation from each other because they all act like savages and break the rules but there is nowhere kinda, accepting people who follow the rules can go to validate each other on this subject because that’s against the rules.

End them.