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But I only need to vacuum the bedrooms because that’s where the carpet is and they were treated for fleas on Monday so I don’t really have the option of not doing it. Ugh. I mean, I’ll get it done, but ugh.


I wonder if I make three posts in a month if the world will end?
As this is number three, we find out in the morning.

Have a happy Friday.


Darth Vader if only u could be so bold. The Imperial senate will not distill for this. When they hear you attacked a.

Don’t act so surprised your highness. You weren’t on any mercy mission this time. Several transmissions were beamed to this ship by rebel spies. I want to know what happened to the plans they sent you.

I don’t know what your talking about. I’m on a diplomatic mission to Alderran.

U are part of the rebel alliance and a traitor. Take her away.

Ive seen Star Wars too much


I am going vegan!!!


This whole week I ate healthy and I feel SO much better! Lots of fruits and veggies.

I am getting so sick of animal products.

It will be tough to get accustomed to eat at home more but let’s see.



I was vegan, briefly.

Right now I’m making these vegan cookies (mostly because they seem relativly healthy and I have all the ingredients).


Good luck, there are no health benefits if you eat meat and cheese in moderation.


Awesome recipe, @goldenrex!


Just found my USS Whirlwind (PC-11) Ball cap!! It was dirty so I’m getting it washed right meow! #Navyveteran


Thank you,

But ends up the recipe is NOT awesome.

The cookies are edible and will just have to be my sweet treat for the next couple days,


I will not be making them again…



Good to know - thanks for the update, @goldenrex!


I am exhausted with the insurance problems in this state. I cannot find services outside of campus that can do long-term care and possibly help me with disability and other stuff if I want. I am also struggling with a severe fear of being pregnant right now, and urgent care is awful down here. >:( If I have to wait in an ER for 5 hours again, I will… be very mad. :rage:


Just figured how to program a radius on Google maps Api.


I just shoveled the snow, we got a foot of it, I did about half, way to much to do at once, Running out of room to put it, most snow I have seen here in the 10 years I have lived at this place


Next up is to come up with a customized border for the map ie the areas we cover.


from a virus to bronchitis, i feel like i cant catch a break and i usually never get sick


Sooo I feel a little silly. It’s around day three since I first started noticing a side effect of itchiness, increased body heat, a slight rash here and there on my body, and general discomfort.

This started happening after I increased my dose of lamotrigine and started Wellbutrin. My doctor told me if I got any sort of rash it was very serious and I should stop the meds and go see him immediately.

But I’m just having so much anxiety. I don’t want to wait in the doctors office with all those people. I haven’t even call the nurse line because I can’t make phone calls.

I asked my boyfriend to call but he said they would just tell me to go to the ER so what’s the point.

I’m worried though if it’s serious. If I get scars it would literally ruin my life. All I have going for me is my beauty. I would kill myself if anything happened that would ruin that.

I’m also worried that they’ll make me discontinue my lamotrigine and Wellbutrin. It’s taken me SO long to get to a proper dose, and I was excited to try Wellbutrin.

I’ve never been good at taking pills, but this time I was awesome. Didn’t miss any days. Started at a micro dose and slowly increased it a little every week.

I’m so sick of taking pill after pill. I’ve tried literally over 20 without success. I’m really losing hope. If I have to go back to being unmedicated I don’t know how long I’d last.

I’m not sure what to do. Maybe wait and see if it gets worse? But I do have a rash around my armpits which is something that happens with reactions to lamotrigine.

I looked up pictures of a lamotrigine rash (yucky) and the ones that aren’t bad look like mine does.

What if I’m just being a hypochondriac. Maybe it’s in my head. I was a little worried about getting a rash from it so maybe I just convinced myself that it’s a big deal? Like a placebo thing.


Maybe I should just start a new thread about this, so more people can maybe see this. Also I’m sure not many people appreciate a wall of text. Sorry.


I didn’t go to work last night on account of the snowstorm that was coming in, and I might not go to work tonight because of it, not sure about Saturday night. I found out Wednesday morning, driving home through snow, just how horribly my car handles the snow. It was awful. I spun out once, fortunately no one was there, nearly cracked into another car another time, and two or three times I started sliding off the road but was able to recover. I’m done with this snow ■■■■■■■■, and that job is not worth risking my life over.


Sorry you’re having to cope with such nasty weather,

I forget out here in California that its even winter sometimes.

How are things otherwise?

I’m going to my pre-op for my boob surgery in a couple hours,

Only one week away!