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This is similar to the ‘‘say anything’’ thread

I installed a new electric shower today and plumbed plus power points done


I’m scared of my own ass.

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im thinking i want bagpipes played at my funeral.


im annoyed with my grandmother… it just gets too mch.

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Do these sweats make my butt look fat?


Just thinking I haven’t heard from my friend today. We finally had mail delivered today.

I haven’t heard back from the lady who did a work trial with me today. Maybe she changed her mind on me. I was really awkward and nervous.

My voices will say anything to make me feel unpleasant feelings/sensations.

It takes longer to piss now. Dont know if its the medication or me just geting older?

there is no barber shops open due to lock-down so i cut my own hair…looks ok

I wonder how @Loke is doing…


My life is crazy. Sort of out of a D movie sci-fi low budget film. It doesn’t even make sense. The whole infinite reincarnation thing with time travel, doppelgangers, and sim theory on a delusional level. The intense suffering, non-belief, and Cassandra’s dilemma. I don’t want to live in a simulation that could get destroyed or reset or rebooted and be controlled by malevolent aliens.

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“Why is it balmy in february? Punxatawny phil saw his shadow and hid” is what’s going through my head.

“Man am I glad I got my bloodwork done. Been up since 1 AM and fasting since then. 12 hours with nothing but water. So glad to be home and eat something with flavor.”

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Wish I wouldn’t have gone to Burger King today, even though I love their food. The whopper was good. The fish sandwich was bad, so was the coke. To help me fall asleep, I daydream that I’ve been reimbursed for all the illegal things done and plan what I would do with a lot of money, then.

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It really sucks being sick and having a cold too!

I’m thinking I might only have five years left, to record as many of my songs as possible. I am getting arthritis in my hands, and developing carpal tunnel syndrome as I get older

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My feet are cold but i worry about puting the heating on, i also have a slight cough :frowning:

This is a sick thread idea