🐶 Say Anything -- Part 28


Really tired but I can’t nap. Drinking coffee and watching Supernatural. Should do the dishes soon.


Last night my anxiety was over the top, I had to convince myself again, and again, that I wasn’t dying or having a heart attack.
Kept having intense chest pain/sensations, losing feeling in my limbs, and almost passing out.
Having a rough morning. My body is too exhausted to lift even my arms. :tired_face:
I have so much to do, and I don’t know if I’ll make it.


Well my wife made it to the closing. We now own the house on the lake. Now to build a fence and move next week.


Sounds like a panic attack or a heart attack. Did you go to the dr?





Panic attacks are scary. I’ve had them before. Thought I was dying


Agreed, so scary!
It’s scariest when you get the physical symptoms, but no anxiety. I’ll be doing just fine, then suddenly can feel my limbs, and feel light headed.
Makes no sense, and always makes me think it’s a heart attack.


No one is going to break in, and you’re not going to die. :tulip:


I just called the prosecutor’s office for an update on the case regarding the first burglary of my apartment last September.

The guy they busted for pawning my stolen tv’s is now out of jail, on probation. He’s been ordered to have no contact with me, though he knows where I live; he used to be my next-door neighbor. He’s a little guy, so I’m not really afraid of him, unless he was to be packing a gun or knife.

He’s been ordered to pay restitution, which I already knew, but the lady told me it could be a couple weeks before I receive a check from the clerk of courts. She told me to call back in a couple weeks if I still have not received a check. I could really use that money, so yeah, I really hope he pays up soon.


Just got back from feeding the pigs a banana


Got called a lesbian because I was wearing a shirt that has cats on it a pair of jeans and some ugly ass croc shoes.im serious.

How would they know what anyone is because of appearance?


Don’t worry about it


Hearted because of shirt with cats on it. :smile_cat:


Furthering my descent into anti social.


Well hell if breathe wrong around these dumb bastards you’re gay or a prostitute. I heard Chihuahuas barking at me. I’m laughing now. Oh boy


I keep hearing whistling downstairs. It’s gotta be in my head. I hate when stuff like that happens. Maybe it’s the ghost in my house


My dad had a ghost in his house once. Or so he said


usually when you suspect its not real it usually isnt or its something else, you might just be misinterpreting the whole thing, which is highly likely.


I wonder if David Caruso is still be stalked.


I’m having a ramen cup of noodles for lunch. A 30 cent lunch lol. Oh well, it’s not so bad. I didn’t want a big lunch, anyway, since I’m going to get spaghetti sauce started in a couple hours and I know I will be eating a large portion for dinner.