Satan or God and SpiritualWorld?

Noone gives any straight answers
Its a waste of time this site

A very good post @crazydiamond444 . Questioning your beliefs is a good strategy.

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You’re wrong, @anon85745701 . I’ve been where you are. I know how difficult it is to believe people talking you out of these beliefs, but we are telling you the truth.

If you honestly arent asking for help, as your initial post suggested, and just want to promote your delusions as fact, I should close this thread.

What helps me when I have those thoughts is to think if God chose me for some special purpose, I think They’d be a little clearer on what it is I’m supposed to be doing/what the purpose is. It’s only confusing because your brain is tricking you and you’re scrambling to fill in the blanks yourself. Wait it out and I hope you’ll feel better soon


Thanks for all your responses to help guys. I honestly think they were asking for help in their “situation”, not with their delusions. If I had known that I would not have let thread continue. I think they were just looking for confirmation of them and guidance based on that.

I think they left when they did not receive that.

Either way, I can’t leave this thread open unchecked, so I’m going to close. Thanks again to those of you who tried to assist.